Introducing the TackMaster program.

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Some of the best ideas for Thumbtack have come from pros. Now there’s a way to make sure we always hear about them: the TackMaster program.

TackMasters are a panel of outstanding pros who act as our ambassadors on the ground. They’re building community for local pros in their area by hosting meetups where pros can swap business tips, grow referral networks and make new friends.

But they’re not just building community — they’re helping us build Thumbtack itself.

At the pro meetups they host, TackMasters hear a lot about what’s working on Thumbtack, what’s not and how we can fix it. Every few months, they join a call with Thumbtack leaders to hash out exactly what we can do about that feedback.

In fact, we’re already working on updates to pricing and lead quality based on recent calls that have shed more light on what a lot of you have been telling us right here in the community.

TackMasters, we’re so excited to partner with you — if you’re on the discussion boards, post here and say hello!

Upcoming TackMaster events are posted in the community, so watch this space if you’d like to come meet pros near you or share your feedback about Thumbtack.

To learn more about joining the program, apply here or send me a private message at @DustiO.

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What exactly is this 

I've been with thumbtack 6 years at least  how will this benefit my business 

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Any Tackmaster or Thumbtack meetups coming up in the NYC area?

I'm surprised there hasn't been anything - it's such a huge market for TT... would be a great opportunity to network with other pros.

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@guymini99  We will be in Boston at some point this year for a meet-up. Keep your eyes peeled here in the Community! In the meantime, please know that your feedback is being heard, we appreciate you and your experience in your field!

@ScottArcangel Nothing on the books yet, but hopefully we will be in NY sometime soon. Thank you for your patience!!! I'm excited to hopefully get to meet you in person!

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@Omg Welcome to our online community - excited to see you here! Our TackMaster program is designed to help build communities of pros across the country - to connect and support one another. Everything from tips for success on Thumbtack, to advice from one another about running a business in your state/town/industry. Our TackMasters also hear feedback from other pros in their area and industry and bring that feedback to Thumbtack - helping to shape the future of the platform.

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Hey@DustiO !

Anything happening near me as I'm based in Stuart, FL? Any TackMasters or TT events planned for St Lucie County? Martin County? or even Orlando?

DJ Stevie 2-12-2020


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@DJStevie nothing planned in your area just yet, but please keep checking in! Hope things are going well!