Introducing the Tacktician program!

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Community Manager
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Are you a natural leader eager to help others improve their businesses?
Do you love connecting and networking with other pros?
Want to give back to the Thumbtack community? 

The new Tacktician ambassador program is for you. 

Tackticians are a select group of pros who are community leaders, educators, and conversation starters in the online Pro Community. They are community mentors who can spark and contribute to meaningful dialogue, and share their expertise on Thumbtack, business ownership, and more. 

As a Tacktician you will receive insider access to Thumbtack, exclusive product updates, and join a powerful network of pros across the country. And of course some Thumbtack swag! 

Check out the attachment below to read all about the program, what’s expected of you, and what you’ll get in return. If after that it’s something you’re interested in, submit your application here! If we think you're a good fit for the program, we'll reach out to learn more about you.

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15 posts a weeks seems excessive. Who has time for that? 3 a week and I'd help out. Curious to see how this goes.
Community Manager
Community Manager

@mm We understand that pros are workers and business owners first. This program does come with a slight time commitment and we know it's not going to be a good fit for everyone.
We're looking for pros who are willing to be active and contribute meaningfully in the Community, which to us is about 15 posts a week. Keep in mind that a post doesn't always mean a long thought out paragraph. It can also be a short response of encouragement or a quick tip. This requirement shouldn't discourage anyone from applying.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Let me know if you have any questions about the program!

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Community Manager

Love this - super excited!

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I think this program is going to beneficial on every level.  

15 posts a week is not excessive, how many times are we on other platforms of social media?  How many times do you share something on facebook, twitter, instagram?? 

Interaction with other professionals is crucial to our success on every level of doing business.  You gain insight, ideas and gentle reminders of business practices you may have become lax in.  

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Just curious. Has anything come from this post? I never heard anything since I reached out about this program months ago.

DJ Stevie 7-13-2020

Community Manager
Community Manager

@DJStevie we reached out to the pros we were interested in becoming Tackticians. However, we have decided to put this program on pause for the time being while we re-evaluate a few things. Hope all is well!