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Community Manager DrewY
Community Manager

Introducing the new Pro Community manager!

Hi all,

My name is Drew and I’m proud to introduce myself as the new manager of the online Pro Community! I’m new to Thumbtack and beyond excited to join the amazing team of passionate individuals, dedicated to seeing you succeed. Before I turn my focus to the Community, I think it will be helpful for me to explain a bit about myself:

I come to Thumbtack after working in workforce development for nonprofit organizations. “Workforce development” is a jargony phrase that means eliminating barriers to work and connecting jobseekers to the tools and resources needed to be successful. Most recently, my work was focused on educating low income communities on how to succeed as independent workers. I most enjoy working with individuals who are striving for continuous improvement, which brings me back to why I’m excited to work with all of you!

This Community is unlike anything else that exists in terms of support, collaboration, and education. I love what is stands for and I’m blown away by the engagement it has generated in the last year-- its mere existence is evidence of how much Thumbtack cares about seeing Pros be successful. And I think there are opportunities for improvement.

It doesn’t take long to recognize that some of you are frustrated. As we get to know each other, my ask is that we strive to keep our conversations encouraging and solutions-focused. Please continue to offer your constructive criticism, as well as your best practices. Please share your struggles, and also your wins. But taking a moment to reflect on the impact your words will have and the way you frame a post can make all the difference. (Take a look at our Community Guidelines for a refresher.)

We are all a part of this Community and we all have a part to play. @Meckell, @Kameron and @DustiO do an incredible job of answering your questions, cheering on your successes, and championing your voices because at the end of the day we’re all on the same team. The Community can be the vehicle for you to reach your potential as a small business owner, and to help others do the same. It is proof that independent work doesn’t mean you’re alone.

Now, let’s get to work. I can’t wait to see all we accomplish together.

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Introducing the new Pro Community manager!

Welcome @DrewY! We're so happy to have you!

Level 7

Re: Introducing the new Pro Community manager!

Welcome. First order if business I would suggest is stop banning pros who give honest, constructive criticism otherwise this community is useless.

Second, you really need to look at your review policy. It is non-sensical to ask for a review prior to being hired.

Good luck.
Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: Introducing the new Pro Community manager!

@DrewY We are so excited to have you join our team. Together we can make great things happen!

Level 2

Re: Introducing the new Pro Community manager!

Thanks for top pro I think I’ve gotten it last few years ..unfortunately I’m not using thumbtack til I get resolution on credits .. there was a mistake a few months ago and never got resolved so I stopped using the site.. it was overva 75 lead ... you guys are giving up 1000+++ month to keep that 75.00 fee... doesn’t make sense to me.. but I honestly can’t use this when there’s no resolution s or compromise made.. I have tons of work and typically just used thumbtack to find different jobs for variety.. I’m ok eithver way.. justvthiught id give one last effort to try to get this resolved.. and move past the $75 lead costs. It’s way too much for ppl that are shopping for cheapest price .. can’t justify spending 75 like that...anyway if anyone want s to figure out a resolution or talk abt why I don’t take thumbtack work anymore let me know
Masterpiece Mechanical LLC. Bob Torbenson (763-482-1232)
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Moderator Meckell

Re: Introducing the new Pro Community manager!

Hey there @Torbenson. I recently sent you a private message about this. Please check that out and feel free to respond there with any further questions regarding your situation. 

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