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Hey everyone! I’m Jason, and I manage both the Online Community and the Top Pro program. You may have heard about Top Pro in our Newsletter or seen a Top Pro badge appear next to certain profiles in search results. And now I’m here with a couple of Thumbtack Top Pros, to answer any questions you might have about what it means to be a Top Pro and how to become one.

Here’s how the program works: twice a year -- in January and July -- we evaluate and announce a new class of Top Pros. These are the highest rated, most popular professionals on Thumbtack. Only about 4% of Thumbtack professionals currently qualify for Top Pro status. If you’re named a Top Pro, you’ll earn the Top Pro badge on your profile, which helps you stand out to customers.

Now we want to hear from you. What questions do you have about becoming a Top Pro? What suggestions do you have for improving the program?

Here’s how to participate:

  • Reply below with your question or idea by 6pm EST on Tuesday, January 29th
  • Please limit to one question or idea in a single post so I can respond to as many pros as possible
  • A couple of Top Pros and I will be online starting from around 6:30 EST on the 29th answering your questions and comments. I might also tag you in one or more of my earlier responses if I’ve already answered a similar question
  • Note that off-topic posts may be redirected to a more relevant thread.

A big thank you to @RevDrLCT and @Eric for being our Top Pro panelists! They will be helping answer some of your questions, as well as sharing their tips for how to succeed on Thumbtack.

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Hey @Aaron_V,

I’m sorry to hear that you missed the cut this time! But congratulations on having been a Top Pro in the past! Remember, only about 4% of all pros currently qualify as Top Pros, so it’s a very big (and rare!) accomplishment.  

We haven’t changed the criteria in over a year, but here’s a refresher.  In order to earn Top Pro status, you need to meet these three criteria:

  • Be fast: respond within 24 hours at least 75% of the time when you get a new lead
  • Do great work: maintain an average star rating of 4.8 or higher. Remember that only verified reviews over the previous 12 months are counted. It’s not your lifetime rating, but rather your rating in the last year (in this case, from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018).
  • Ask for reviews: get at least 5 verified reviews over the past 12 months.

These criteria apply equally and objectively to all Thumbtack pros.  And we qualify pros twice a year: once in January and once in July. So even if you missed the cut this month, you'll have another chance in July! We'll be rooting for you!

If you still have a question about the criteria and why you did or didn’t qualify, send a private message to one of our moderators (@Meckell or @Kameron) and we’ll take a closer look!

Also tagging these pros who asked similar questions about our criteria to become a Top Pro: 

@greenmissionsOH @paul827 @fascinatindance @WeddingGuyRob @Celestra @Aaron_V

Thanks for posting and good luck to you!

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@computers6 It is great that you were a Top Pro and, I am sure you can be again! One of the ways I save money is that I use Promote (what used to be called Instant Match). I had a full-time job (until 1/31/19) and could be very selective about when I could work and how far I was willing to travel. Thumbtack matched me with people and jobs and my leads were discounted. I think the other reason is that I received 5-star ratings from all of my clients. When new clients see the ratings, they are more inclined to hire me. Try the Promote option. Good luck!


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@Ironman18 Congratulations on becoming a Top Pro!!! If you have a website or FaceBook page, put that Badge on there and be proud! The badge lets people know you care about your work and you are a professional that can be trusted! Keep up the good work!

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Hey @Marv,

Top Pros on Thumbtack consistently deliver a great experience for their customers, and that’s what makes them top notch. We base our criteria on what our customers are looking for.

Customers want to connect with a pro who have a track record of great projects - that’s why we care about your rating (at least 4.8) and number of reviews (at least 5 verified reviews).

We care about your response rate because customers also want to hear back from you as soon as possible, so they can get their projects underway. Of course, we know you have a day job, which is why we only ask that you respond within 24 hours at least 75% of the time..

Other factors, like having a great profile or promoting your profile, are a great way to stand out on Thumbtack, but don’t directly affect your Top Pro status.  At least right now 🙂

In terms of # of years on Thumbtack, we don’t currently include this as a criteria because it doesn’t necessarily predict whether a pro will be able to deliver an exceptional customer experience - new and veteran pros alike are capable of offering a 5-star experience.  Of course, we still show the number of years you’ve been on Thumbtack on your profile, so customers will see if you have more experience. And we also show all the Top Pro badges you’ve earned over time, so a customer will see if you’ve made Top Pro year over year. This is our way of helping veteran pros stand out, without giving them an unfair advantage.  I hope that makes sense!

Also tagging a few other pros who asked similar questions about how we chose our criteria! 

@Marv @Ironman18 @Tovicand
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Unfortunately, it’s hard to guarantee that a customer will always respond back.  But being a Top Pro definitely helps to signal to customers that you’re a very talented and capable pro who they should hire!


I get what’s frustrating about not getting a response.I send out a courtesy follow-up reply to see if they are still interested.  If not, it is good to move on.


I realize customers are shopping around and I try to make myself as accessible as possible and let them know the value of selecting me. I will respond to a lead, give them a couple of weeks if they have not responded, and write again. If they don’t reply-- I move on

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First, congratulations on 31 terrific reviews! I know it is frustrating when you see a review that is not stellar. You should email your Thumbtack Success Coach (help.thumbtack.com). If you never interacted with that person, that review can be removed. Thumbtack does not want to be used as a source for false reviews.

Thumbtack support is available at 800-948-2034 Monday-Friday 7am-8pm MST. And here’s a link to the help article no getting support: https://help.thumbtack.com/article/how-to-contact-us

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Be sure your Thumbtack profile is up to date and complete (with lots of photos and descriptions!).  After that, consider modifying your pricing. It’s also helpful if you show prices upfront if it’s possible for your business.

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Yes, I agree, if you get an bogus review, definitely contact Thumbtack and explain the situation. Thanks for posting in the Q&A!

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I only send out the request for review after the work is finished.  For me, I request the review when the client first sees their photo’s.  The timing on this would vary according to your industry or service. I try to catch the client when they are at their highest level of excitement.  But for some industries, it actually might make sense to get a review earlier. For example, customers want to know that you’re responsive, communicative and professional throughout the entire process, even before the project is complete.  

The more reviews you have, the better - they help you stand out and get hired more by more customers! So just focus on delivering great service, so that you can get as many great reviews as possible.  And don’t hesitate to ask for reviews. I think this article is helpful:


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Contact Thumbtack and explain that you haven’t interacted with this client.  I have received spurious negative reviews on Yelp from potential clients who did not like my pricing.

And keep focusing on getting great reviews! Customers pay attention to those, and they’ll bury even an unfair negative one.  It looks like you have lots of good reviews. Congratulations! Don’t worry too much about one bad one.

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It is very easy to use Thumbtack to request a review.  The link shows up in the same screen as the chat. You can learn more here: https://help.thumbtack.com/article/ask-for-reviews

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@itap Welcome to Thumbtack! If you think your prices might be scaring people off, check what other pros are doing. You can use your Insights tab for that. When you go into notifications, you can see how you compare to your competition in your geographic area. When I started, I priced myself really low-- in part, to begin to get jobs and reviews. Every year I increase my prices and I am still not as expensive as some others. However, as my reviews build and my reputation builds, I can get more clients.


When I write to the clients, I let them know I am available and (within reason) their wish is my command! I am a Wedding Officiant and want to make their day as stress-free as possible. I meet with the couples at a restaurant or coffee shop and we can see if we are a good fit for each other. Often we spend much of the meal laughing and getting acquainted. Generally, what seems to work is that the couple feels comfortable with me and knows I will respect their wishes (as long as no somersaults are involved!) Good luck!

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@greenmissionsOH, thanks for posting!

All great questions.  Let me answer each:

1) There is no cost to becoming a Top Pro! We just ask that you meet three criteria: 

  • Be fast: respond within 24 hours at least 75% of the time when you get a new lead
  • Do great work: maintain an average star rating of 4.8 or higher. Remember that only verified reviews over the previous 12 months are counted. 
  • Ask for reviews: get at least 5 verified reviews over the past 12 months.

2) We qualify new classes of Top Pros twice a year - once in January and once in July.   In both cases, we're looking at your previous 12 months.  So in July, we'll be looking at your stats on Thumbtack from July 2018 till July 2019.  You can learn more about this part of the program here.  And don't worry! July will be here before you know it, and we'll be rooting for you every step of the way! 

3) We currently send a monthly Top Pro eligibility report that lets you know where you stand and whether you're set to qualify in the next cycle.  Soon, we're going to add this information to your Insights tab, so that you can always see, for example, how many more reviews you need to make Top Pro.

4) The Top Pro badge is great for helping you stand out in search results. On average, customers are more than twice as likely to hire pros who have one.  The badge shows that you’re consistently getting lots of great reviews and responding quickly to your customers. So customers know that you’re qualified and capable of getting their job done well.  They will seek you out!

Hope that answers your questions! Thanks again for participating!

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In order to become a Top Pro, you need at least 5+ verified reviews and a 4.8 average star rating over a 12 month period.  So, you don’t need all 5-star reviews in order to be a Top Pro! Just make sure your average star rating stays above 4.8


If you want more reviews, keep in mind that It is reasonable to send reminders to clients asking for a review.  I explain how important it is for a small business, etc..

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Accept the lead.  Build some initial rapport with the customer.  Then explain that you have a schedule conflict.  If they like you work, often the customer will adjust their schedule.  If they can’t, then you couldn’t have done the job anyway.


I did not realize this, but learned recently, that we need to mark our calendars on Thumbtack. I assumed the jobs were automatically posted on the calendar, but they don’t. We need to block the dates/times on the calendar.

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Wow, that’s a lot of 5-star reviews! Good work!


You should be in touch with your Success Coach. I agree, it doesn’t feel fair to have bad reviews when you never interacted with a client.


Thumbtack support is available at 800-948-2034 Monday-Friday 7am-8pm MST. And here’s a link to the help article no getting support: https://help.thumbtack.com/article/how-to-contact-us


But if you have a bad review, don’t stress too much about it! First, consider posting a reply, so that customers can see that you handle negative feedback professionally (see here: https://help.thumbtack.com/article/respond-to-reviews).  Second, focus on getting more good reviews! Clearly, you’re able to earn awesome reviews.  The more you get, the less that one bad review will matter. The good review will bury the bad!

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It’s so great to hear that you’ve seen so much success on Thumbtack! Congratulations!


For some pros in some industries, To be sure, the number of leads may have has decreased with the new system.  However, the quality of the leads is much better. Much less time now sending out quotes that aren’t accepted or reviewed.


You should also consider promoting your business on Thumbtack!  Promoting your business will help you rank higher, which means more customers will see your profile and reach out to you for their project.  You’ll also get a 20% discount on all leads. You should try it! Check out this article: https://help.thumbtack.com/article/respond-to-reviews


Other than that, take a look at your profile with fresh eyes (especially your photos and your descriptions).  That’s your storefront and the best way to stand out and get hired!

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I would encourage you to reply to the review. Be as professional as possible and mention that you and your staff strive to make each customer happy. If it seems appropriate, apologize that the client had a bad experience. Let potential new clients see that you can sympathize with your customers, even ones that had a bad experience (or are difficult.) New customers want to know your side of the story. Perhaps this article might help: https://help.thumbtack.com/article/respond-to-reviews.


Also, get more jobs, get more 5 star reviews, and that poor review will be buried

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First, congratulations on getting hired by one out of 3 clients! That is incredible and a GREAT return on your investment! Thumbtack is a lead generator.  Once a client replies it is up to you to get all the information to a client quickly, and in a manner that is appealing to the client.


Each business is different and it is difficult to send a bid when you are not sure about the details of the project. Perhaps if you said your base rate was $ XXX and that you would give a free estimate once you saw the job, that may work to provide more opportunities Please stick with the new system because it really does work. New clients are seeking you out!

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I’m so sorry that has been your experience. I use Promote and all of my business is from Thumbtack. I don’t even have a website yet (it will go live next week.) I am so pleased with Thumbtack that when I leave my “day job” on January 31, I will be doing this work full-time! I am a Wedding Officiant in the San Francisco Bay Area and could not be happier with the opportunities. The one thing that Promote does is that  while the leads are discounted, once someone selects you, you pay for the lead. Make sure to use the Calendar to block dates/times you are not available to avoid getting leads for those times.


Also, keep responding quickly and keep asking for reviews! Invest in your profile (add pictures and descriptions) and list your prices.  All of that will help you stand out and get hired.


And if none of that works, don’t hesitate to contact the Thumbtack team.  They’re always eager to help

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@bcwhitaker So, Thumbtack actually DOES allow reviews before the job is completed. That's because part of giving customers a good experience is being responsive and professional before the service is actually delivered. I am a Wedding Officiant and future clients will want to know that I am in touch with the couple along the way before the wedding-- not just at the wedding rehearsal or wedding itself.


If you feel the review is unfair or not representative of your service, you should email your Thumbtack Success Coach (help.thumbtack.com). If the job has not been completed, that review can be removed. Thumbtack does not want to be used as a source for false reviews.

Thumbtack support is available at 800-948-2034 Monday-Friday 7am-8pm MST. And here’s a link to the help article no getting support: https://help.thumbtack.com/article/how-to-contact-us

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Thanks for your post, @Helenbasinger! And congratulations on this awesome accomplishment! First of all, you should pat yourself on the back because this is no easy feat. You’re among an incredible group of professionals. Here are some next steps you might consider:

  • Keep up the great work: keep getting lots of great reviews to maintain your Top Pro status when we have our next evaluation cycle in July
  • Share your accomplishment: post your badge on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (#ThumbtackTopPro). You could display your badge on your website as well!
  • Keep posting in our Online Community: this is the place to get all the information you need to keep winning.  It’s also the place to share some of your tips with other pros, if you’re up for it! Remember, only 4% of all pros on Thumbtack currently qualify as Top Pros; the other 96% are eager to learn from you!

I hear you that it's frustrating to get leads that don't feel relevant or intentful.  We want you to get a good match, always! The good news here is that declining these leads doesn't affect your Top Pro status.  Just make sure you decline them. 

We're also working hard to help your profile stand out, so that customers actually read all of the awesome content you're writing there, so that they're not asking you questions that you've already replied to on your profile.  We know that can be annoying!

Also, if you ever get a lead that's inappropriate, you should always contact our support team. We have whole teams of folks who are on the look out for this type of thing, and want to make sure that Thumbtack is always a safe and positive experience for our pros.  Report anything that's problematic or upsetting, and we'll reimburse you if it's inappropriate!

Finally, make sure you've updated your preferences and settings.  That's how we make sure we get you the best possible leads - the ones that best match you and your business. 

Any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.  @Kameron and @Meckell and all of us are here to help!

Thanks again, @Helenbasinger! We're so grateful for all that you do!

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Thanks for your post, @computers6!

First of all, thank you for joining the Online Community and sending us your feedback! We know that it’s really important for your business to succeed, and we hope that we can partner with you to help you reach your goals.

I hear your frustrations - there’s been a lot of change at Thumbtack lately. But the good news is that the major changes are behind us! And that means that the new system is here to stay. Let me tell you why that's a good thing: in the old world, with the old system, 80% of customers never saw a single pro.  They'd come to Thumbtack looking to hire, but they'd leave before talking to anyone. Those were your potential jobs - money that could have been in pros' pockets!

So we knew that we had to introduce customers to pros instantly, so that they'll actually hire someone.  Customers want instant results! Just think about your own experience on Amazon or online travel sites.  The new system let's us give customers the instant results they expect.  This new system is working for customers and pros alike, and we believe it can work for you too!

That said, we know the system isn’t perfect yet, and we need your feedback to make it better. So keep posting your ideas! Tell us what’s working or not working. Remember that improving Thumbtack takes time: not every idea will lead to an update overnight. So we ask for your patience as we work through your feedback and release subsequent improvements.

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do right now to be more successful in the new system. Here are a few ways to rank higher in search results:

  1. Improve your profile
  2. Promote your profile
  3. Respond quickly
  4. List your prices
  5. Get lots of great reviews

It’s important to me to see pros like you succeed on Thumbtack. I joined Thumbtack because I believe in small businesses, and I have all the respect in the world for what our pros do. It’s my job to make your voices heard and I take that seriously.

Even more, Thumbtack won’t succeed if you don’t succeed. This is a partnership. So we can’t make decisions that benefit the customer or the company at the expense of our pros. We’re here to support you, so if you’ve tried the recommendations we’ve posted and still aren’t finding success - let us know! Call support or send our moderators ( @Meckell or @Kameron ) a private message and we’ll help sort it out

Thanks again for participating in our Q&A and for all your hard work with Thumbtack!

Also tagging these pros who voiced similar frustration about becoming a Top Pro in the new system.

@Wah-Heed @ThatGutsy @Spamovers @Don1228 @Marv @JustNjoysb @Daviddietrich @Toppro2019 @Cathy224 @Tovicand @Dace

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Let me simplify my question. Does anyone ever review a movie without watching it? Does a food critic review a restaurant with out visiting the restaurant? Then how can a customer be allowed to review us pros on Thumbtack when they haven’t hired us? How can they complain about your price when the promoted feature gives them our price before they contact us?  Do not send me any articles or redirect me. I want a straight answer. It’s a simple question. 

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I have been a top pro in 2017 and 2018.

I did not achieve top pro for 2019. Thumbtack elects to NOT count verified reviews from long term clients if they submitted an earlier review so I lost out by 1 review.

The irony is by my music students sticking with me (which is a good thing) - it decreases NEW openings and students making it difficult to earn fresh reviews.

I think the policy of NOT accepting a revised VERIFIED review is a bad policy and should be changed.

Also - the new pricing structure and the seemly lower desirability of potential students - has made me use referrals and other web resources to get students.

I really wish Thumbtack would go back to how it operated in 2016, 2017 and stop the 2018 nonesense changes.


John Bishop
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The post process does not work?????

Says to correct highlighted areas - but there are no highlighted areas ?????
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I was s top pro in 2017 and 2018.

I did not achieve top pro for 2019. The reason is - Thumbtack elects to NOT count verified updated reviews from long term clients if they submitted an earlier review so I lost out by 1 review.

I think the policy of NOT accepting a revised VERIFIED review is a bad policy and should be changed.

Also - the new pricing structure and the seemly lower desirability of potential students - has made me use referrals and other web resources to get students.

I really wish Thumbtack would go back to how it operated in 2016, 2017 and stop the 2018 nonesense changes.


John Bishop
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Hey @HVACPRO ! First, congrats on having so many awesome reviews! That's amazing!

I get that it’s frustrating if one or a couple bad reviews keep you from becoming a Top Pro. I want to clarify the review criteria for the Top Pro program as well as Thumbtack’s review policy:

In order to become a Top Pro, your need at least 5 verified reviews averaging 4.8 stars or higher over the last 12 months. We want to treat all pros equally, so we don’t make exceptions to this rule. However, you can have a review removed if you didn’t work for that customer. You can also challenge any review that doesn’t meet our review policy. Just contact our support team.

I'd also say not to focus too much attention on that bad review.  Consider replying, so that other potential customers can see what you have to say.  And keep doing your best to get more 5-star reviews! No one will notice a bad review if you have dozens and dozens of good ones!

And thank you to @JCWEX for voicing similar points as well!

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Thanks for your post, @Mooreshots! I'm sorry you missed Top Pro this time, but congratulations on being a Top Pro in the past! That's a big deal! We also heard similar feedback from these pros: @mobilegrooming @TommyMead

We look at response time because we know that customers want to hear from pros quickly.  They're more likely to have a good experience (and hire pros on Thumbtack!) if they hear back from pros right away.  And we know that if pros respond to leads quickly, they're more likely to win the job!

But we know that it’s a high standard to become and stay a Top Pro. And keeping up a high response rate can be tough - especially while you’re running a business! That’s why we only ask that you respond within 24 hours at least 75% of the time. And we won’t consider any messages that you got a refund for. 

You're right that we don't have a good way of including responses that happen over the phone.  We're working on this! For now, I'd encourage you to mark that you've responded to a lead in your app, even after you've spoken to someone on the phone.  That's how we can give you "credit" for the response.

Another thing to note: we're only looking at your response time to *new* leads.  In other words, we're only looking at your response time to a customer's first message.  We're not looking at how quickly you respond to each subsequent message after that.  So if you have a back-and-forth with a client and they reply with a simple "thanks," we're not expecting you to respond to that.  And if you don't respond to it, it won't count against your response time.  All that matters is that you respond within 24 hours to new leads and new customers. 

I hope that helps to clarify!  Keep in mind that we'll have a new class of Top Pros in July 2019.  Because you've been a Top Pro before, we know you can be again! And we'll be rooting for you!

Thanks again for all that you do, @Mooreshots !

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Hey @JCWEX, thanks for your question! We also got similar concerns about bad reviews from these pros: 

@Randizzle55 @Marv @Ironman18 @Helenbasinger @Shammy @DebbieA @bcwhitaker


We know that a single bad review can have a big impact on your rating. In some cases, that one review may have prevented you from becoming a Top Pro. And that’s really frustrating. But you can always recover from a bad review and become a Top Pro in the next cycle! For more information on our review policy, check here.

I'd also encourage you to reply to that bad review if you haven't, so that potential customers can see your response.  

Beyond that, here are some ways to rebuild your rating after a bad review:

  1. Ask past customers for a review. You’re doing great work, and your customers want to see you succeed! But often they forget to leave a review once the work is over. So feel free to politely remind them!
  2. Import reviews from Facebook and Google. They won’t count as “verified” reviews, but they will help you stand out to customers. Remember that you need 5 verified reviews averaging at least 4.8 stars over the previous 12 months to qualify.
  3. Get more jobs. Try promoting your profile or checking the jobs tab to book more projects. And respond quickly to all leads! This will help build a track record of great customer service.

Last thing I'd say: we know that having a lot of great reviews matters a whole lot more than having one bad one.  So don't worry too much about the bad review! Keep working hard to get the good ones, which you're clearly capable of doing (your reviews are amazing! great work!).  The good will bury the bad, and make it clear to customers that the one bad review is in no way representative of the service you're able to provide.

I know you can be a Top Pro in July. And we'll be rooting for you.

Let us know how else we can help,


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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I do appreciate that. I truly do. But, alas you still have not answered my question on how or why this is allowed. Since no one can answer my questions I shall stop asking. Just to let you know an unjust 1 star rating can knock you down from a 4.8 very easily. So like I said since I can not get real straight forward answer I will stop asking. 

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I have tried numerous times to get this removed via Thumbtack “support “ to no avail. How can some give you a bad review on your prices if they are choosing you from your profile via promote and your price is list ahead of time. 

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Why are you guys not directly responding to us as promised? The copied and pasted reply that I was tagged in has absolutely nothing to do with my situation. I get that you don’t want to water down the platform with Top Pros, but I definitely EARNED MY SPOT, and then after the cycle ended, but before anyone issued the top pro badges, I got a one star review. THAT COUNTS TOWARDS THE NEXT CYCLE! So give me the Top Pro badge. I don’t understand how complicated this is to understand.
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80% of customers didn't see a single pro??? And you think I belive you? And that's where in Africa or Mexico???? Here in atlanta metro at times I was competing with 17 (!) Professionals!!!! Why don't you match the customer right away with 3-4 best (highest rated) contractors?? Every day you have a new system!!! We professionals cannot trust you anymore cause you are unpredictable and unreliable and you care only about ripping as many pros per customer as you can!!!! Shame on you!!!
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I'm getting fewer leads now than I was before becoming a top pro. I am paying more each week and hundreds of people are viewing me but fewer are calling. I'm afraid I still don't fully understand all of the changes you have made and could use a more thorough explanation.
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I was a Top Pro for 2 years ( solid 5 star reviews) then I had to back out of a job because the client was abusive and lying and changing our agreements. I contacted TT Pro support immediately for help before the review was written. TT assured me that since I had so many glowing reviews one bad one wouldn’t effect my status. Guess what? It did and I havent been able to attain Too Pro status again.
Too bad TT has no heart and treated me like an algorithm - I am your customer TT and you have lost sight of that.
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Not only are we being pushed to use promote but they offer the customer pre-set responses like what is your availability? The customer clicks on that and we get charged for the lead.
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I used to qualify as a top Pro until you stop sending me jobs. You guys keep telling me it's in your profile that never mattered before. I have been with you guys at least 5 years done probably for 500 jobs now I'm lucky to get one or two a week instead of one or two a day. Send me the jobs and I will mail it guaranteed. Have you done the math 5 pros bidding is better than taking all the money from one produce a an estimate and never hear back from them. I have a plumber First Response usually gets the job but it seems to me your hand picking the pros send the leads to what's up with that?
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Yes I got a two-star review from a person that never hired me. He was out of my travel rings and called me at 8:30 p.m. and wanted me to travel 45 miles one way. I don't know how you can post that review!
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I used to get a ton of jobs on Thumbtack. I have recently started using another website which is overwhelming my business so what are you guys doing?
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I understand not everyone will respond.  It's frustrating when it's 1/20 and quite expensive at about $20 a piece.  I have paid over $500 for one paying client.  I love your Thumbtack platform I just think there's got to be a better way to charge us since there are so many non-responses.  Thank you.


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@Rapid1 if you're promoting your services then you'll receive a boost in your search results rank and a 20% discount in lead cost for being more readily available to customers. Another part of this is that you'll be making yourself more available to customers that use the filters to match with your preferences and then decide to reach out to you. The charge for these contacts will be immediate, but if you have certain ones that you're curious about you can check your payments page for your receipts and reach out to us in a direct message with any questions about specific customers. 

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my problem with this system is I never get enough offers from the area in which I live,,,I have adjusted my miles; but most of the offers I recieve are too far away from me and nobody wants to drive my way when there are so many teachers closer to the,...also, I keep getting "needs entertainment offers" and I never put that on my page...not compaining, I want students and need to know how to connect...theses last few months have been bad for me, I suffer from a painful medical condition; but my goal is to become a sucessful guitar teacher this year. Thx for reading....Doc

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Good Afternoon,

I am Mark Mahurin the owner of Mj interiors and exteriors. I have used Thumbtack for about 10 months now. I was a top pro in July I believe, my question, or maybe concern is, I spend quite a bit of money for leads, howver sometimes you get charged when the customer canels a project, or goes another direction, is there a way to get reimbersed maybe not all of the fees but at least some? I have a couple of emails in my inbox to where a customer either went with someone else or canceled the project all together. I feel the canceled projects should be fully refunded or a credit of some sort, where as going the other direction maybe just a flat rate of say $10.00 or something like that. Of course many time when the customer goes another direction it was because a bid was to high, and I cant see how that is Thumbtacks issue. I dont know if you have a lot of contractors leave the site, but I will attest that this site has kept me afloat through some of the slower times, such as Christmas, and just winter in general. I am in no way dissatified, but am concerened with some of the money I am throwing away that I feel should be compensated for. Thank you for your time in this matter.


Mark E. Mahurin

Mj int/ext



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Community Manager

@Rhino I understand how it can be frustrating when a customer doesn't respond or cancels their project. We connect you with the customer and what you're paying for is the initial contact. So although it's not within our refund policy to compensate your for the leads that don't pan out, we can certainly look into your account and see what else can be done to further engage those possible customers. I'm happy to help in any way that I can. Just send me a private message and we can get started. 

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CCoen, I am here with you!
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Hey @Toppro2019, thanks for posting!

While Top Pro status doesn’t directly affect how you rank in search results, a lot of the qualifications that made you a Top Pro will also boost your ranking.

For example, our ranking algorithm considers your responsiveness and reviews to determine where you rank.  And as you know, both your responsiveness and your reviews are crucial to becoming a Top Pro.

But our ranking algorithm also considers a few other criteria, including how complete your profile is, whether you've listed prices, and whether you’re promoting your business. So yes, all else being equal, a pro who's promoting their business will rank higher than a pro who isn't.

We do this because promoting your business allows us to connect you to the right customers more quickly.  In turn, it allows us to make sure customers have a great experience; customers want instant results when they come to Thumbtack, and promoting your business makes that happen.

If you want an additional boost in ranking, we encourage you to promote your profile. You’ll appear higher in search results and get 20% off those leads!

And remember that regardless of where you rank, customers are more likely to hire you when they see the Top Pro badge next to your profile. So keep up the great work!

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Would love to know where your getting the best leads from so I can try it in my area. I’m getting charged $75 for fence jobs and the people aren’t even looking at my responses, I spent over $600 on leads last month for nothing
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Thank you to everyone who participated in our Top Pro Q&A. We heard a lot of great questions and appreciate all of the suggestions that were shared about improving the program. 

We'll be closing this conversation to keep things relevant and organized in the Community as we've done in past Q&A's.