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Hey everyone! I’m Jason, and I manage both the Online Community and the Top Pro program. You may have heard about Top Pro in our Newsletter or seen a Top Pro badge appear next to certain profiles in search results. And now I’m here with a couple of Thumbtack Top Pros, to answer any questions you might have about what it means to be a Top Pro and how to become one.

Here’s how the program works: twice a year -- in January and July -- we evaluate and announce a new class of Top Pros. These are the highest rated, most popular professionals on Thumbtack. Only about 4% of Thumbtack professionals currently qualify for Top Pro status. If you’re named a Top Pro, you’ll earn the Top Pro badge on your profile, which helps you stand out to customers.

Now we want to hear from you. What questions do you have about becoming a Top Pro? What suggestions do you have for improving the program?

Here’s how to participate:

  • Reply below with your question or idea by 6pm EST on Tuesday, January 29th
  • Please limit to one question or idea in a single post so I can respond to as many pros as possible
  • A couple of Top Pros and I will be online starting from around 6:30 EST on the 29th answering your questions and comments. I might also tag you in one or more of my earlier responses if I’ve already answered a similar question
  • Note that off-topic posts may be redirected to a more relevant thread.

A big thank you to @RevDrLCT and @Eric for being our Top Pro panelists! They will be helping answer some of your questions, as well as sharing their tips for how to succeed on Thumbtack.

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I guess the question should be directed towards Scott z regarding algorithms. is this new algorithm with all of its many factors involved in ranking is it able to pinpoint the deficiencies that somebody would have in their profile or whatever the case may be to get them ranking lower? Because I noticed you gave every ,not everybody but a lot of people on that last discussion your generic answer . I have found out with the reviews algorithm that there are many factors involved in the order that your reviews are shown very vague of course and nobody is able to pinpoint or tell me exactly why they're arranged the way they are they keep telling me the same thing of all the factors that are involved but they can't pinpoint one and they say that the reviews cannot be moved which I think is absolutely unbelievable.. so yes it would be nice if we have promote on we have a decent travel range good prices top Pro great reviews I haven't had a job in over a month I did just turn promote on because I was unaware of the fact that we can only good jobs to the jobs tab now unless we're on promote I did not know that either slipped by me or I don't know I haven't got a new lead in the league column since this thing started. And that I was told yesterday by Thumbtack rep that if I'm not using promote that I can advertise myself on another form a media like Twitter or Facebook and then I was that will why would I need Thumbtack then they're not sending me leads they're sending me the names of people that have had 5 or 6 or 10 Pros already bid on the job we've already been hired a pro I've been charged for that as well. well I'm just trying to figure out these algorithms because I did everything that I was told responding to my reviews and asking for more reviews and I did everything that I was told in my reviews have not moved in order at all so I like to understand this new one so I can get a job and not lose my business thanks
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same here...

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It's pretty simple how EVERYTHING works on Thumbtack. You don't have to have all the mumbo jumbo posts...

The more money you spend, the better/higher ranking you get. Plain and simple. It doesn't even matter how many times you get hired. Thumbtack thinks I have only been hired 6x although this number is much higher. I have been a top pro for a long time, took some time off Dec-Jan, Holiday season....Didn't "try" to get hired....meaning I did not spend the same amount of money on Thumbtack like normal during this time, now all of a sudden I am NOT a top pro anymore and hardly hear from potential customers. 

Thumbtack will change again within the next few months

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@Chubby Welcome back and I hope you had a great holiday! I just want to clarify that where you rank in the search results isn't directly related to how much you spend. Where you rank will be based on your Profile, Promoting your profile,  Response time, Listing your prices, and Reviews.