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Hey! I’m Carson, and I’m the Product Manager responsible for profiles.


At Thumbtack, we’re always working to help you get hired more. Using your Thumbtack profile to showcase your business and the quality service you provide is one of the best tools you have in your toolbelt.


You told us it’s important to highlight what sets your business apart, and we heard you! Here’s a glimpse at some of the upcoming features you can expect to see on your profile:


  • Soon, you’ll be able to highlight past projects, link to social media, and display your past and current Top Pro status. You’ll also be able to tell customers the payment methods you accept so they know what to expect at the end of the project. These changes help customers get an even better sense of your style and what it’s like to work with you.
  • We’ll be improving the way images and reviews appear so you can be confident in what customers see when they visit your profile. Our goal is to give you the chance to put your best foot forward.
  • As we go, we’ll make improvements to how you visually display your work and tell your story on your profile. You’ll have the opportunity to customize what’s included in your service and show off your credentials and awards. Ultimately, we want your Thumbtack profile to be your go-to online identity for your business.


We’re working hard to get there. But we want to hear from you.  

What features would you like to see in your profile? And what questions do you have about the features above?

Share your thoughts and ideas below. I’m excited to hear them!

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It would be great if the quote template alllowed me to automatically insert the name at the top of the quote, like with a ($name) tag or something. I normally customize the text anyway, but when I'm doing it from my phone, it's a bit time consuming to get the cursor positioned at the top of the note and copy in the name.

Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Thank you, @Brittany! Your Thumbtack profile is the online storefront for your business and it should display it in the best way possible. We’re always looking for ways to accomplish that. We understand that sometimes, adding examples of your work means something different than sharing photos — whether it’s sharing PDFs, brochures, documents, menus, audio files, or playlists. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates as we roll this out for different categories, and keep sharing your ideas. We’re always listening, and this Community is the best place to keep the conversation going.

@asweetlifetx@LesliePalme@PatWard@clamon1@HansenJC@maryleeanddean@The-Write-Mann@JeannineV2P@dcrooner@Annmarkk@asilva1964@sofibela@Jolli@tvk5195 - adding you all here since you all had similar suggestions!

Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Thanks for your post, @LisaWatsonVoice!

We’re always working to find the best ways for your profile to support videos of your work. We want to make sure we get it right — so look out for changes to improve video support on Thumbtack soon.

Additionally, we’re exploring ways to use video introductions in a number of categories on Thumbtack. We want to make sure we provide the tools for pros to build high quality videos that help them get hired, so we’re testing in pilots before we launch anything. Stay tuned; we'll have more updates on this soon!

Other pros who asked about video: @Godwin@djNyceMan@shemesh511@JennDemby@DavideSpeaks@endentured@Wah-Heed@Allpurpose@SelbyFilms@cheshiredave@CAID@Carpet18@DOC@vaughn@Drewdus42

Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Thanks for your post, @Rainagmakeup!

You’ve worked hard to build a strong online presence, both on Thumbtack and off, and you want your customers to have everything they need to make a smart hiring decision. That’s why we’ve added the ability to link your social media right on your Thumbtack profile. To link social media, view your profile and scroll to “Social media”. From here, click Edit and add the full URL of your social media account. 

We’ll also continue exploring ways to utilize and integrate your social media content. There's a lot of work to be done on this front!  Keep sharing your ideas here in the Community. 

Adding other pros who posted about social media: @Onthegofitness@Buildbodylab@TatianaLi@jarrahmarie@LauraM@rez90@Sashareneephoto@gbjj@CAID@chefsavur


Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Thank you for this idea, @Realtor_Ed!

We know that reviews go a long way in showing customers what it’s like to work with you.

We're excited to announce that all pros can now import up to 10 reviews from Facebook to your Thumbtack profile! To learn more about importing Facebook reviews, read our article Get reviews in the Help Center.

Soon, you’ll be able to import Google reviews to your Thumbtack profile as well. This will help you get a good start on Thumbtack and build a strong profile that stands on its own. We’ll let you know when this is available, too.

More work is being done on this front, so please stay tuned.  We’ll share updates here in the Community.

Other pros who posted about importing reviews: @spanish55, @KennyGoldberg@WacoUAS@maryleeanddean@nmmorales88226, @DaveAllen@Kriscynthia@edwoodac - thank you all!

Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Thanks for your post, @AndyN!

We’re currently working on better ways to sort reviews so when customers read your reviews, they see the ones that relate to their project first. This will help them get a sense of the experience you provide both in general and as it relates to the project they’re looking to hire for.

Stay tuned for more on this soon.  And thanks again!

Thanks to the other pros who posted about sorting reviews, too! @Coachruch@TylerVarnell@JLDesigns@sr-ca-ttmember

Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Thank you, @HandyPanda!

Great news! This is something you’re able to do now! To add accepted payment methods to your profile follow these steps: go to your profile, scroll to “Payment methods accepted”, and click Add. Check the boxes next to the payment methods you accept and when you’re finished, click Save

Don't hesitate to send us a private message if you need any help!

@Baryan, adding you here, too!

Community Regular

Thank you! I can't wait for this to change. Appreciate it!

Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

@cpr4everybody43, thanks for this post! 

Your credentials say a lot about your business and help customers decide who to hire. Soon, you’ll be able to display the degrees, certifications, and other awards you’ve worked hard to earn, in addition to your license and background check information.  Maybe one day we’ll add insurance here, too. Overall, we want customers to get a full sense of your background and what you can do.

We’re also testing new ways to verify businesses on Thumbtack. Our goal is to increase customers’ confidence in the pros they meet while also giving you more ways to stand out. So please stay tuned!  We'll keep sharing updates here in the Community.

Adding other pros who also posted about credentials: @eerlikh@JohnBurbridge@ringo6355@Kixnbux@TSMB@asweetlifetx@twintroubleinc@anniepink1@thedcsystem@stephanie@Colemanmindy@Nwskyview@JeannineV2P@Heatheranne@paklucas@Donna2445@Beepropetservic@Suomalainen@LexiAssist@Stagedc@heartsinbalance@patty5357@JoshEnden@Drone_On_Demand@rgaerosolutions - thank you all!!


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Hey all!

Thank you so much for your awesome suggestions, ideas and questions on this thread! And thank you to @CarsonP for responding to so many of them.

As Carson mentioned, we have a lot of exciting stuff in the works, and we'll continue to share updates here in the Community.  In the next day or so, you'll also see a post from one of our design researchers summarizing some of the best ideas we heard from you all. So please keep checking back!

More soon! Happy Monday,


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That all sounds like good things to watch for. Right now I am having serious issues about clients not seeing my 186 images in my sample gallery. I repeatedly get charged for people who respond to me by saying, "Do you have any samples of your work?". Why am I charged for having to answer this with "Look in my gallery and you will see nearly 200 images.". I shouldn't have to pay to tell them to look in the gallery, which they SUPPOSEDLY have a link to. If they can't easily locate my profile, what is the point in having a profile at all? So, you can make all these lovely changes, but if people are not seeing them, then the more important thing is to fix whatever is causing them to not clearly see links to my profile and gallery! I'd rather have them able to see what's there now, than have all these wonderful additions that they CAN'T see!

Please stop charging us for errors on TT's side that prevent the client from accessing what I sent to them already! Thank you!

Community Regular

DefiningImage, You have a great point there. I just wanted to add, Thumbtack also has instant replies such as: "what is the process of working together?", "sounds good, what's next?" for customers to click on. I found those very intimidating. Some customers just clicked on the message and never replied showing their intension of moving forward. Not to mention the case when they click on them by accident without knowing we are being charged. I feel that those pre-made messages should not be displayed at all. If the customers are serious enough they should be able to write us a message themselves. Thanks for listening!

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I am a sole proprietor teaching violin and viola lessons. There are businesses in my area that have many teachers working under them teaching many different instruments. When it comes to who are the top pros in my area those businesses come up first. Because of their business structure they are going to get many more people choosing them because they have many teachers teaching many different instruments. I am compared to them not on who chooses them for violin and viola lessons but on who chooses them for voice, percussion, trumpet, piano, etc as well as who chose them for violin and viola. Of course they are going to have more reviews and more clients. Is there some way to account for this or even this out?

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Yes, AndyN, I totally agree that they should not exist. Serious clients initiate an actual conversation. It's very rare that someone clicks on a "conversation starter" and then follows through with a hire. I believe they are mostly accidental clicks. I send message after message and get no response. However, they are revenue generators for TT, so they are not going to remove them. We can't fight for the refund because we have no proof that they didn't mean to send it, since they never even respond if you directly question them if it were accidental! So, it's a way to justify charging us. TT encourages all contact because once contact is made, they make money. Of course, it would be a way better system and TT would be a world-leader in quality lead resourcing if they made sure that pros were their priority because we'd be all out their singing their praises and telling everyone we know that this would be great for their business! But there I go again putting service above profits. TT has not learned yet that quality service is the way to dominate any industry.

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This may already have been said but I am not reading all 45 pages.

I just clicked on my profile and added the background check. I am wondering how that works with businesses with employees. How does thumbtack verify that each employee - that the employee or contract employye I would actually be working with has passed a background check? Sometimes the person doing the thumbtack quotes and contacts is not the person doing the work.

Community Regular

Can there be more options under what payments accepted - like check and bank transfer (not sure what the proper term is when someone pays you through their banks bill pay system. )

Community Regular

I do think this has been said but it would be nice if there were a box similar to professional license that would be about certificates or degrees in that field. My field does not have professional licenses. Some people have no training on how to teach violin lessons but others such as myself do have training and educational certificates in the area.

Another thing would be an easy way to show if this is your living or full/time, part time or hobby. That would also be something that would need to be distinguished if the person actually doing the work does that work full time as a living or part time.

Community Regular

Thanks for listening, @CarsonP 🙂 

Super excited about these improvements. 



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You go @CarsonP!! woohooo!

Community Regular

I noticed this as well....I don't understand how some services can charge so little and still pay for the costs of running a small business.  It makes it hard on the rest. And I am willing to bet that these services couldn't possibly be of much quality. I'm afraid this could be harmful over-all. I hear from too many people that I've gone to work for the horror stories about being over charged and then getting lousy service. But undercharging doesn't help anyone either. Even if by chance they happen to get some quality work. 

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Help me understand this. You are the product manager. And as one of the product managers, you have responsibility for profiles. Now my question is: Where may I view your profile?

If we had a choice between you and one of the other five product managers, what is it about your background that sets you apart from the competition?

Now let’s cut through the silliness and ask this of Thumbtack: When a pro like me chooses to use Instant Match, and we find the very best profile out there and compare it to the weakest profile, how does instant match know which profile to send to the client?  The computer algorithm is making its choice purely on random chance, right. And, in one of my categories, a review of my competitive report reveals that there were 58 requests posted by clients. There are 38 active pros. But only 3.3 quotes were sent per request. Why did the computer only send out 2 on my behalf? If a client is to get 5 quotes from which to choose, then 5x58 would mean that the total number of quotes sent in this category would be 290. And 290 quotes shared randomly between 38 Pros would mean each pro should have sent an average of 7.6 quotes. And why did I only get 2 quotes sent? How can I see those quotes so that I may do a follow-up? This is all in the hand of a computer algorithm. Shouldn't I get my fair share? I'd at least like to get 6 or 7 quotes sent instead of 2. Is there some sort of quirky error in the Insight?

Which Brand Manager has responsibility over the algorithm? It seems with Instant Match, the profile really does not impact the number of quotes that are sent out. I think we need to be speaking directly to the Algorithm Brand Manager. What is his or her name, please? And is there yet a sperate Brand Manager for Insight? Maybe we should draw him or her into this conversation. Maybe it is the Insight that is wonky.

I have tried not using Instant Match, and I never saw 58 requests. If I had seen 58 requests, Then I would have sent a quote on at least 30 or 40 of them. But the algorithm only sent out 2. Changing my profile will not change the algorithm for Instant Match.

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Hey Carson, I just posted a suggestion but I believe it’s in the wrong area. It has to do with a profile that would surface in both SF & NY. Could you locate my post if it’s not too hard and let me know your thoughts?
Community Regular

You talked about a calender, we'll use yours.  


Just make one that we can hang on our web sites.

Community Regular

Better yet, lets all use the Google Calender.  

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I began receiving lots of requests for Costumed Characters for some time, and wondered why. I looked at my preferences, and there's really no options to speak of, Entertainment, and Music Entertainment, really?  Pretty broad categories, and no wonder I'm getting all kinds of totally out of my field!  Why not put types of bands, solo musicians, genres, types of events, etc, etc..?  Every other service does that, but I don't need to get requests for costumed characters, Mariachi Bands, or Country Bands, when we don't do anything even resembling those! I thought there was a page where we selected preferences, but I'm thinking that may have gone away, with knowing how much each lead is....

Oh, and the ONLY option under "Type of Entertainment" was this:

What kinds of Entertainment jobs do you want?
Project duration
1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour, 4 hour, 5 hour, 6 hour, 7 hour, 8 hour, 9+ hour

PROJECT DURATION is the ONLY filter on what leads I get, seriously?

Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Hey all! Thanks for all your awesome ideas. We've read through them all and I've rounded up the ten best we heard here. Take a peek and let us know what you think! 

Community Newcomer

How about drop and drag for quotes.    Also, search for quotes.   Sometimes I need different features from different quotes for a new kind of student request.

Being able to sort the drafts of my quotes into meaningful categories or tags and do a word search on them would be helpful in building them faster.

Community Newcomer

Even as a violin teacher I have many different ages and levels of students.   My profile is very generic toward children ( a very diverse category)  Most of my requests seem to be from adults.     I also teach other styles of music in addition to classical.  I need quick links at the top of my profile that take them to what interests them.

Perhaps none of them like reading through aspects of my profile that do not address their needs.   I like the idea of giving them links at the top of my profile that bring them down to the question or description they are most interested in.   In addition to the generic information that is the same for everyone.

I am also available on certain days at other people's studio's in addition to my own main studio with specific hours.   How to handle that option.   Sometimes I find out a student is commuting from one of those places.

What makes this even more complex is that many of prospects are trying to do this search from their phones where it is difficult to see everything.

Community Newcomer

Even among teachers of one instrument, we may specialize in Jazz, Classical, fiddling or Preschoolers, Suzuki Method, etc.  Or the parent is looking for a teacher who is comfortable with preschoolers vs. high schoolers etc.   

A system of tags and links in the upper section or column would be one way for customers to see a list of all the things a teacher specializes in on their profile page.

Additionally a featured list of teachers who specialize in teaching specific subcategories of music for particular age levels that have those tags on their profiles.

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Marco, Jason & all at TT.  I don't see anywhere how you are addressing your customers request - Keep in mind that we are your customers not the people who are requesting quotes.  They are not paying you anything. I used to get people responding to my quotes, now it is just a black hole.  This should be an easy fix. WHy are your customers requests and emails not being answered? 

Once more - I have been asking for a vegan/vegetarian category. Yet to see a direct response to my question on your timeline. This is very disappointing customer service. 


You are making changes and tweakings to things that we are not asking for and don't really care about the issues we are raising. Either fix it or you will lose pretty much all your customers.

Community Expert

@Freshly Marco, Jason, and all of us at Thumbtack wholeheartedly understand that Pros are in actuality our customers along with the customers that come to you. We’re focusing on getting customers to fully use our site and return for multiple projects. This is good for both customers and pros. We’ve also seen that if a customer has to wait for a response they leave, which makes for unresponsive customers and no hires for the pro. With Instant Match we’re hoping to change this experience for the better. We have seen customer responses double which also coincides with better hire rates for pros.

I’m sorry to hear that this hasn’t been the case for you recently. What I recommend is working to make your profile as competitive as possible to earn more hires and make the money you’ve spent worth it in the long run. You’re off to an awesome start with such great pictures in your media. One thing I noticed is the number of reviews you have. This is the biggest determining factor when customers are choosing who to hire. The good news is that reviews are easy to get from past customers that are happy with your work. Take a look at this page with steps to do this:  https://help.thumbtack.com/article/get-reviews.

As for your request and feedback for a more specific category, I’m glad you shared that with us. Since Carson is looking for ideas specifically related to the profile I’d also make sure to share your suggestion directly with our product team here if you haven’t already:  https://help.thumbtack.com/suggestions 

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It's been two weeks...and I still haven't received a c omplete response to my question re allowing External customers/prospects unlimited time to make a decision.  I still have no idea what Top Pro means and how I can market it...especially, "Top Pro with Confetti!" If I don't know what that means...how can I market it; further, why would you launch something like the "Top Pro" program unless and until it was fully thought out from inception to fulfillment?

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No, to your question, wouldn't you prefer to pay for customers who interact with you. Not at the rates your charging!  I've been with Thumbtack for 7 years as a Top Pro editor and I haven't been able to get a job for 3 weeks and I have paid OVER $200!!! The problem is each customer response is different as to how engaged they really are. They may just fish for info, they may tell you your price is too high, they may not have given you enough information becaues the request form has been ridiculously reduced to asking them for a word count range rather than the exact count. I can't give an approximate price for such a wide range. So I have to ask for an exact count in a PS. I have put it in my template but then as soon as they answer the question I am charged between $20-$30. If they don't like my quote, that's it!  It's jus too expensive for us. And I think the customers are getting overloaded with 10 qutoes. They're confused and don't know which one they're speaking to. It was much better with 5 quotes allowed, even though we had to scramble to get our quotes in there and often lost out. I've got 44 rave reviews and I'm a professional writer of 7 books. It seems crazy that suddenly I can't get any jobs and I'm losing money out of my checking account hand over fist!  It's so discouraging. 

--Deborah DeNicola

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This discussion is about profiles, but it has morphed into a discussion about the failure of the Instant Match system. And as I read comments that mirror mine, I am perplexed by the information that I just received about the number of quotes that the customers are receiving.  This may be one of the keys to the failure of Instant Match. When I started with Thumbtack, I realized that if I was quick and got my quote sent as one of the first 1-3 pros, I was more likely to get a call from a customer. I may have not gotten every job, but the odds of getting a call from a customer even to talk about the job details went down if I were the 4th or 5th quote. So, I never quoted on requests if three other pros had already quoted. And I got jobs.

Now, with Instant Match I am told that there are 15 quotes going to the customers. And all of the custom quotes are sent a few minutes after all of the Instant Match quotes. I speculate that the customers are not even reading the Instant Match quotes because they all look the same except for the price. And they are sure not going to read 15 profiles. They just aren't.

I would like to know what made Thumbtack believe that customers want to do so much reading? And even if they are basing this decision on a poll of customers, I wonder if the customers knew their answers would generate 15 quotes to look at.

I think Thumbtack should roll back the number of quotes sent to 6 or 8 and make the split between custom quotes and Instant match equal.

But, really, we need to go back to all custom quotes. The best pros will be the ones who know how to write clear meaningful quotes. Their custom quotes will be sent when their work load permits. The customers will not be bombarded by the TT Bid Bot.

It is time for another Focus Group with customers. The study should be constructed by real Psychologists and NOT Marco.

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Please stop making it so much more complicated. I am a top pro editor and haven't been able to land a job since you changed the system. Why is that?  No one is responding!  I've put suggestions to many of you, have called repeatedly to demand I not pay for a customer who isn't really engaged. I am unable to continue to send Thumbtack $30 for nothing. If you see my profile, I have followed all your suggestions. But the real evidence is things have changed for the worse!!!  I never had this much trouble getting a job editing before. I've been with Thumbtack since 2011 and it has worked well for me. Now, for a month NOTHING. Are the clients overwhelmed with too many quotes?  What's going on? 

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Yep/nope. I'm goooood Whoot Whoot🎅👍
Community Regular

A link to our previous customers reviews

A link to our profile prior to any contact.  

Ability to see our evaluation scores

A drop down menu for frquently asked questions (such as servicing areas, additional fees if any, etc.)

Community Veteran

Here is a suggestion to deal with those pre-made questions that customers are sending out. (By the way, how many questions are there?)

Idea 1) Give the Pros the opportunity to prepare a thoughtful response to each of the questions. Like the answers to the FAQs that we all wrote in our profiles. No two responses will be the same because each Pro will write their own. The moment that the customer presses the button to ask the question, BAM! they get Instant Gratification from the Pro (with an assist from the ReplyBot). This gives Thumbtack what they are looking for. They get confirmation that the customer is more than just shopping for prices and more than zero interested. Score +1 for Thumbtack. Score +1 for the Customer.  Score +1 for the Pros who do not pay for this automated non-human contact.

Idea 2) For Thumbtack, let the quote and profile hide our phone number. Provide a clickable button for the customer to open a window to see our phone number. This adds a +1 to the understanding Thumbtack is looking for that the customer is interested in at least one or even more of the Pros. If I were Thumbtack, this would give me knowledge about the engagement of the customers.

ADDED LATER: The number of questions sent by the customers and the number of phone numbers clicked on could be available to the Pros indicating a "Customer Engagement Score". This would give us a reason to follow up on an Instant Match quote with a targeted message to the customer that we can type ourselves. 

Community Veteran

GREAT IDEA about having us write pre-set responses to their pre-set questions!!!! ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!

ABSOLUTELY AWFUL suggestion about hiding our phone numbers!!!! You DO NOT EVER want to put a barrier between yourself and the clients easy ability to contact you!!!!!!! Seeing the phone number is a psychological hint to call it!

But the first idea about the responses is ABSOLUTE GENIUS!!! 🙂

Community Regular

you nailed it.  What was a very good source of work for my company has become much less so. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you all for participating, there are a lot of great ideas here! We will be closing this thread, so please refer to Cordelia's post where we will be synthesizing some new ideas.