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Hey! I’m Carson, and I’m the Product Manager responsible for profiles.


At Thumbtack, we’re always working to help you get hired more. Using your Thumbtack profile to showcase your business and the quality service you provide is one of the best tools you have in your toolbelt.


You told us it’s important to highlight what sets your business apart, and we heard you! Here’s a glimpse at some of the upcoming features you can expect to see on your profile:


  • Soon, you’ll be able to highlight past projects, link to social media, and display your past and current Top Pro status. You’ll also be able to tell customers the payment methods you accept so they know what to expect at the end of the project. These changes help customers get an even better sense of your style and what it’s like to work with you.
  • We’ll be improving the way images and reviews appear so you can be confident in what customers see when they visit your profile. Our goal is to give you the chance to put your best foot forward.
  • As we go, we’ll make improvements to how you visually display your work and tell your story on your profile. You’ll have the opportunity to customize what’s included in your service and show off your credentials and awards. Ultimately, we want your Thumbtack profile to be your go-to online identity for your business.


We’re working hard to get there. But we want to hear from you.  

What features would you like to see in your profile? And what questions do you have about the features above?

Share your thoughts and ideas below. I’m excited to hear them!

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Carson might profile says $15.00-$20.00 per signature that is not what I charge and I need it removed its very misleading. 

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I’m a photographer. Portfolio categories would be my number one addition. If someone is having a birthday party, they don’t care about headshots and modeling photos.

I’d also love to see video profiles that w can upload, that pop up when a potential client views your profile.
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I'd like to stop receivng replies to this discussion thread!!!!!

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Ahh. Finally figured out how to put a post on here. The help section didn't help by the way.

I would like tools or help in distinguishing customers who are looking for quality rather than the cheapest bid.

I like the new system of paying when someone replies. It seems like the charge is more if they hire rather than just reply which I also like. I consider the fees I have paid fair.

I am just starting to get active in social media so don't have a lot of input yet on that. I think it could be useful to be able to link to my social media.

I don't do a lot of updating my profile as I figure there isn't much to change on it which also means I can't actually tell you what is on it at the moment.

I find it weird that I get a message implying I know the person has sent a message when I had no idea they had sent a message. And sometimes those messages are hounding -as in I am working or not on my phone every minute and those messages keep coming. I also find it difficult if I later decide I want to add something to my quote to access the quote to add to it.

I am finding the app slow and difficult to use.

Not sure how many of these things are actually under the profile person's job though.


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I would love to have a link to our website.  Many times people ask the questions that could be answered on our site.  Thank you, Dr. Hilt

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I would like to be able to list my corporate and not for profit client list

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I'm an astrologer and spiritual life coach. I have two accounts as these services have different markets, but with some overlap. Services like I offer and others like psychotherapy, counseling, etc are extremely personal in nature. To know that a potential client is a good match for me, I need more details about what the person is looking for. Details that are relevant to my service. It would be nice to be able to help design the format used by customers to enter requests for my service category. It would save customers and vendors much time and trouble.

I like the new quote system. It's fairer. But I would also like to know in advance what I would be charged if the quote produces a contact.

Also, the times that are listed for making appointments with clients do not include the time zone. Most of my work is by phone. How the h*** am I suppose to know if I am available if I don't have the time difference. It's caused missed appointments, too.

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It would really be nice to be able to link Google reviews into thumbtack. A customer really doesn’t want to go back and leave another review when they already left you one. Having these be able to sync in would be awesome
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I’d like the ability to organize the order of my example photos easier. I would also like the option to add multiple default pics, sort of like Facebook, so clients can click on my default pic and see multiple photos of me and get a better idea of who I am.


Brian Cunningham
Community Newcomer
I think profiles are great. I would like to see maybe something that we could use like a square to take payments. Or the customer can buy some of our packages right off of the profile. For example I'm a personal trainer if I want to set up a introductory pack they could just purchase it right from my profile page. Also I think you'll be very helpful if someone communicates with you so many times that their phone number is unlocked so you can see it. A lot of times I've been charge and talking with people they just stop communicating. It would be nice if I can get their contact info so I can reach out in the future maybe by phone or email. We have already paid for the contact so it would be interfering with the site but it would help us professionals make the most of our dollars.
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I’d like to see a dedicated section where potential clients can be directed to Dropbox/cloud drive folders to see a portfolio of work, something crucial for a recording engineer like myself. My apologies if this feature already exists. I haven’t looked very hard, so it very well could. 

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I like feature where you can resend a link to a customer who hired you but had mistakenly hit the passed button instead of hired and so I cannot ask him for review on my end.
2) Also we would love a photo slide feature ,that will make it easier to view photos

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I wish there was a way to post special events I’m holding. I often offer mini sessions for photography clients and that would be a great way to get my event out.
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Here's some useful ideas:

1) This is an idea geared more to experienced lprofessionals ike myself. Since I have done a lot of work in more than one category of photography, it would be helpful to do one of two things: either allow me to have multiple profiles with different copy and photos in them, or have multiple photo samples of my relevant work in the same profile. In either instance, show only those relevant separate picture  portfolios or wholey different profiles with correspondingly diferent picture portfolios that would then automatically be matched up and viewable by each customer, according to the type of photo work each customer required.

2) The size of each picture shown in my photo portfolio contained in my profile needs to be significantly bigger, framed in a square space to accomodate either horizontal or vertical images and at least 1600 pixels long on its longest side.

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YES! Custom hours for each day is a HUGE issue for me as well. I can only take clients after 5:00PM on weekdays but can take them all day on weekends. But since you can only mark one time range for all days, it looks like I only work evenings, even on weekends. Very frustrating.

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 Be able to customize the logos and photos.

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I think Thumbtack is one of a kind, but I would like it more if you offered the option for clients to pay online with you.  Then you can subtract the fees from the pros.  Whatever the pros earn from the client, any fees or quotes would be subtracted by thumbtack when they accept payment from the client.  You can even add a calculator in profiles to ensure the pros are paid properly, and a brief summary of how they were paid.  Listing how the transaction took place. For example:

Client job (ie. counseling)  paid 200.00 on 00/00/2018

Pro Bobby Earned 175.00 on 00/00/2018

Thumbtack fee 25.00 (for quotes) on 00/00/2018

Pro Bobby's Final Pay 175.00 distributed on 00/00/2018 via (whatever payment method)

This will keep the trust strong and engaged by the pros, and they'll use the service more than ever. I know some people like to handle their own stuff, but when you have a lot going on there's really no time to do more than one step. 

The pros can then continue on to another client worry free of quotes or fees.  Offer a consent or authorization for auto payment and that's it.  Then there's no risk of losing anyone, no waiting for anything it's streamlined to benefit all three, the client, the pro, and Thumbtack.  This could be the reason Uber is so successful.  No worries just a ride.

This will give the customers an option as well.  They can either pay with you and get it over with or they can just wait for the pro and give him the pay.   This can be an option on the page where the client is asked questions about the issue. 

This also gives the pro an option.  The Pro does not have to feel as though thumbtack is taking over, the Pro can continue to feel independent.  Your just making it all easier.  People like options such as myself.  I know a small portion of people will not choose that option, but the majority will love it.  Whether they choose that option or not they have a choice to use it should their circumstance change.  It's the convenience of not having to receive and then pay again.  It's all one transaction. The pros will receive and be happy they did, and the clients will receive and repeat their business just as well as Thumbtack will be overwhelmed with happiness.  That would make it easier to continue to get the jobs to the pros and service clients with ease.  Thumbtack could go on a new marketing campaign to previous clients offering a new way to serve the clients needs.  I didn't look in the thread to see if someone already had this idea, but if they did maybe this should be considered seriously.  Thank you for having a platform like Thumbtack.

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I would love it if you could remove the license portion of the profile depending on the profession. Some people don’t have the ability to get a license that doesn’t exist for their profession.
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I do diffrent jobs and i can only post one picture far as carpet cleaning, pest control how can you do pest control and carpet cleaning thats what customer ask
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I'd like my profile to advertise what forms of payment I accept.

Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Personal Check, etc. And my user names for each.

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I fully agree. I often get asked if people can see my work....when I have like 50 images on my profile or if I have references where o have multiple reviews on my profile as well.
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Some of us are writers and artists and need to upload pdfs as examples of our work.  I believe your system is limited to photo type platforms.

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Please stop with replies
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As a mental health professional, I have engaged and paid for quite a bit of training to assist couples with relationship concerns. Because I have specialized training and insurance companies do not recognize mental health professionals as specialists, I have chosen not to accept insurance. Many potential clients still ask which insurances I accept. It costs me money to tell them none. TT has been great about refunding me, but I would like to have a check box included for acceptance of insurance and then an option to post the ones accepted. That would eliminate the extra time involved in replying to clients I know I cannot win and then having to spend more time trying to get a credit and then verify that I received the credit. Thanks for asking this important question!
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I am not altogether convinced that people pay a lot of attention to my profile. Nonetheless, I think I like what Thumbtack is trying yo do to improve the profile and making it more accessible. I REALLY wish Thumbtack would make a minimal description of a prospect's complaint mandatory. Submitting a request for a printer repair with no other information or context seems ridiculous to me. Often the information is shown on the printer. Manufacturer, model and symptom would help a lot. If Thumbtack won't make it mandatory, at least prompt them for that information. I should not have to pay to find out that this is something I don't want to work on.


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I would like my profile to block the quotes that conflict with jobs for which I'm already hired. So I can stop paying for "Are you available on my date?"
I also would like to have the option to add video on my profile, or at least YouTube videos.
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Please call me 320-424-2612 I like to talk in person thank you
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I think it would be so cool to have a profile on the person, so the prospective client could get to know us a little more. I also think a gallery that is broken up for each skill set. So if you have more than one, you could show examples from each.  Such as one for Logos, one for Websites, and one for Social media. 

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My profile is not complete and I don’t understand the “provide quotes” process to customers who are looking for professionals like myself. Is there a number to call to discuss this with a Thumbtack manager? I’m very anxious to complete my profile.
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I am a home inspector.

And my product (service) does not present well in photographs because I do not make the things I inspect. My product is a report that may be 30 to 50 pages long with photos that ALWAYS have an explaination or recomendation. In my industry, a photo of a broken or defective (anything) means very little without a detailed caption. Do clients really want to see a photograph of a broken door?

Also, if the bid (proposal) does not allow us to attach a sample report, then the profile should show the equivelant of my sample report including the description of the defect, and my recommendation to my client.

There is no such thing as a "before and after photo" of my work.

Community Regular

I don't think that the profiles really allow WOW!  I would like, as on a web site, some movement of pictures for example.

I agree that posting YouTube segments for service providers such as teachers or caterers would be useful.

I also find myself waiting for resposes and paying for that priviledge with NO return.  I thought that now dollars were collected on on bids accepted.

Community Newcomer

I really like the idea of the link to the profile, It would also be nice to have a "upon consulation option" or a price range option. so many clients are asking for services they know nothing about. A "Fixed Price" sets you up for false advertising if he clients is asking for a service that can't be priced without a consultaion. OR they are unsure of exactly what service they want. so a price range would be better in that instance.

Also once they see the quote it would be nice to have a way of contacting them, an email or phone #


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I would appreciate being able to list my availability by day, since I do not work the same hours every day.
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I would love to be able to post a welcome video message to my profile !!
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Video posting and arranging does not work with iPhone 6s Plus. Match exact as requested categories. Personal Training platform for non auto bids needs to be redone like yoga is.
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I always include this statement in followup communications: "I encourage you to read the entire profile and all the reviews of any officiant that you consider."

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I would some how like to see the contractors that lead in hires and reviews in their certian fields of expertise be at the fore front.  I have been on Thumbtack for 4 months with 32 hires and more contracts being completed as we speak.  With 28 reviews and to me that is using the site the correct way.  I see so often that in the "view my competition" their reviews are not up to date nor are they using Thumbtack that often.  I work hard with this site and should be rewarded for the efforts in which my company puts in.  Thank you

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I would really like to be able to change my hours per day...
i.e. Mon - Thur 9a-9p and Fri - Sun 10a-6p.

I wish all my reviews could be viewed and I could pick which ones I want posted.

I wish users would be clearly informed that pros are charged when they contacts us... 
I get charged for being asked questions that are in my quote and sometimes that is all they want.
I have had a client ask for packing in the hour range of 6pm or later, then charged and told by the client that 7pm was to late, they needed me from 2p-6p... I would not have quoted for that job because I was not available during those hours! But I still had to pay the fee!!!

The last four (4) questions do Not appear on my profile...
How did you get started...
What types for customers do you work with...
What advice...
What questions should customers think about...

As well as listing our Services for customers that need more than one (1) service...
i.e. Organizing and Interior Design.

Also, It is Crazy how much more the quotes cost now, it is like a 900% increase!!!

Thank you,

JamieLynn Murray

JamieLynn's Designs


Community Newcomer

Maybe a feature (slideshow) banner on the profile page that shows 3-5 select images describing the work.

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I would like my profile to read more like the introductory messages that Thumbtack used to have. Something that's personal and that allows me to talk about my experience and reviews as well.

I'd also like to be able to modify the "service includes" portion, so people know I don't charge extra for items like wireless microphones for the ceremony.

While this is a bit off topic, I'd also like to limit the number of bids allowed. Many people have complained to me that, while planning a wedding, for example, they're deluged with replies from multiple vendors: DJs, photographers, planners, florists, bakers, etc. With 20 people bidding for each category, that's more than 100 bids to sort through and consider.
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Who else would like Thumbtack to seperate examples of work into sections or at least photo and video?As a production company with multiple different clients it's hard to show different work by the way it is organized now.

Also wouldn't it be great to intergrate google reviews or social into thumbtack? It's next to imposibble to get clients to review on every platform we use even with systems in place to help.

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I think my profile is ok so far I have not had any issues.
Community Newcomer
The biggest thing I want to be able to do that I haven't been able to on my phone is to back to quotes I have made at any time.
Community Newcomer

Adding on the suggestion, it would be better if the photos can move up and down by dragging it. Not move up clicking one by one.

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I will like to post some tutoring techniques and stategies.
More reviews too.
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I would like to know how much im paying before bidding. No boddy buys groceries without knowing the price!
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Hey @DrHilt, you actually can add your website to your profile. Then, as soon as you send a quote out, they can click on your website.

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I'm more than a little baffled that Thumbtack is looking at changing something else when the last update made the system utterly uselesss.  Changing my profile isn't going to fix what's broken.  It's not going to land me more clients.  While a few of my clients have looked at my profile, the majority have not, so I'm not sure it's worth putting in a lot of effort to beef this up.

Changes that would be nice to see, if Thumbtack ever becomes a useful tool for me again:

  • Work hour variation from one day to another (I work on the weekend, but not the same hours)
  • An option for flexible work hours (I can work evenings sometimes if that works best, or mornings depending on my schedule and client needs)
  • Tie in with a calendar so clients and potential clients know when we're busy/off/unavailable/booked
  • Ability for text-based pros (writers and editors) to post PDFs instead of jpgs.  Screen caps don't always capture the piece.
  • More customizable sections and some formatting ability within those - I suspect some folks don't read profiles is because they are a gigantic wall of text (very intimidating to the online reader), with little white space and formatting ability.  And what is relevant to me and my clients may not be relevant to a dog sitter, a caterer, or a construction pro.
  • Years of experience in addition to years with Thumbtack.
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I'd love to see a dynamic profile where perhaps the first thing they see is a quick video we can upload about who we are, instead of having to only read about us.

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Instead of a photo I would prefer to post a video introduction. Ideally this would be located in the same spot as my profile photo. Just a thought.