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Hey everyone, here you'll find our webinar calendar for May. We had a great response from those that attended last month, and based on your feedback we're excited to have a new session centered around just that - feedback! As always, each workshop will last for 45 minutes, where we’ll give a 20-25 minute presentation and then use the remainder of the time to take questions from the audience.

Below you’ll find the times, dates, descriptions, and registration links. If you can't attend a session but still want to hear the content, register anyway so we can be sure to send you a recording. We hope to see you there!

If you’re just starting out, this is the session for you! We’ll demonstrate the basics of the Thumbtack customer experience, do a guided walkthrough of navigating Thumbtack as a pro, and outline the different types of leads you’ll receive on Thumbtack. Click here to register.

To gain a deeper understanding of what customers see on Thumbtack (and start thinking how you can stand out to them) we’ll do a live demo of search results from a customer perspective, and then share 5 things you can do to influence your ranking in search results. Click here to register.

In this session you’ll learn best practices to turn a lead into a conversation, and a conversation into a job. We’ll examine example leads, share a case study and data about responsiveness, and show off new product features that will help you manage your conversations. Click here to register.

In this session, we’re excited to shed some insight into the feedback process at Thumbtack! One of our product specialists will talk about how feedback is collected, recap some of the most common feedback we’re currently examining, and give some foresight into potential ways we’re thinking through addressing it. Click here to register.

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@Travis_TurnerThe Feeback Process is one that may have alot of interest. We are left in the dark as to what the process is, and not have a reference number to follow up. Perhaps this Webinar may help us?

Thanks for posting,


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I hope so @DJStevie. I was just about to tag you and @MR. I hope you're both able to make it!

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Registered!! Thanks @Travis_Turner