May is Mental Health Awareness Month

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Community Manager
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May is one of my absolute favorite months. It means that summer is almost here and with that comes a lot of camping, hiking, barbeques, and more quality time with family and friends! For me, it’s also a time to take a step back, evaluate things in my life, and really focus on self-care. With it being Mental Health Awareness Month, I have been seeing a lot of articles, blog posts, and books regarding self-care and how important it is to one's well-being. I couldn’t agree more!


Being small business owners, you are all beyond busy! You work day in and day out to ensure things are running smoothly and that your business is finding overall success. That could be stressful on its own. On top of that, there are many other factors in your life that require a lot of attention. Whether that’s another job, school, or family responsibilities - you have a lot going on! When things get stressful, it’s super important to take a step back once in a while and take care of yourself. Stress is inevitable, but putting some time aside for yourself can definitely help!


I’m not a business owner, but I do live a very busy life. Along with work full time, I’m also in school and teach dance a few times a week. When I feel stressed, getting some self-care in always makes me feel better. Going for a run, doing a quick meditation session, or indulging in my favorite treat usually does the trick!


I would love to hear your thoughts about self-care and how it helps you! What are some of your favorite forms of self-care? When you’re feeling stressed, what helps you de-stress? Do you have any advice to give to other pros who are feeling overwhelmed with work and life in general?