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Hi pros, 

With the new Pro Community just a few weeks away (middle of March), we want to take the time to preview what you can expect from version 2.0. We will be posting more in the coming days so stay tuned for more information.

1. A new vision:

The new Thumbtack Pro Community is designed to support you as business owners, create networking opportunities among pros, and keep you up-to-date on the latest from Thumbtack. Extraordinary doesn't happen alone and we want to help you achieve more on Thumbtack and beyond.

2. New discussion and learning categories:

For new pros, Using Thumbtack, Small business talk, Pro lounge will be replaced by:

  • Learn - For news, updates and questions beyond the Help Center.
  • Grow - Share your business experience and advice, and hear from other pros.
  • Connect - Get to know other pros in your area and your industry.
  • Share Ideas - Input from pros makes us better. (More here.)

More to come on the specific discussion boards we will be introducing.

3. Pro-to-pro conversations:

We want to encourage more dialogue among pros. The community is made up of experts with many skill sets and we want to tap into all of the tips, tricks, and advice you have to share for the benefit of others still trying to figure it out. Moderators will always be here to help, but we will not always jump into conversations right away if we think the community is positioned to crowdsource the answer to a question.

4. Transparent moderating practices:

From now on, all edits will be noted directly on posts and include the date and the reason it was made. Most times edits will be for title clarity and searchability because we want conversations to be easily accessible and able to be surfaced. 

More to come on this soon.

5. Assistance and resolutions:

We are creating resources for questions we see often, and also where you can access self-serve assistance. For ongoing, definitive assistance, the Help Center is where you can learn about our most up-to-date product experience. Our product is constantly evolving and improving, so we are excited to talk about Thumbtack’s features in the community but each community interaction is only a snapshot in time and reflects the state of the product at that moment. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions to what’s coming… What are you excited about? 

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With the new Pro Community around the corner, I have a concern to share. 

I know that I speak for myself, but I also feel that many of us do not want to share past topics, as they are thought of to be repeat posts and we get faced with those posts being edited, deleted and in some cases, Pros being suspended and banned from the Community.

Will the new Pro Community allow for us to post any repeat topics to get more clarification and to see the status of our feedback/suggestions?

I know that in recent months, I, for one, have tried to refrain from posting any repeat topics that I may have posted in the past for the fear of what I mentioned in paragraph 2.

DJ Stevie 2-27-2020

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@DJStevie thanks for sharing your concern. I think I know what you’re saying but also don’t want to presume… can you share an example of what you mean? We’re still committed to following the Code of Conduct, which outlines our expectations for the community, and I guess I’m just confused as to why there would be a need to repeat a past conversation.

What I can say is that a part of the new Share Ideas section will be providing updates to ideas that are trending (and updating their status as appropriate). This way the community is leading the conversation and the community team is following suit. Also, ideas and suggestions will live in this section so it will be easy to pick a conversation back up (although Thumbtack’s position will already be clear).

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Thank you for replying to my comment.

If a Pro posted a question or concern about "A"(using as example), and I joined in the conversation about "A", something that I possibly have talked about in previous thread(s), it would be deleted and I would be given warnings, because of repetition, even though I was trying to help another Pro by saying "I mentioned that already," and give my example. 

I understand the Code of Conduct, but there have been times frustration got the better of me, and many other Pros as well, especially when we try to explain our point of view and nobody seems to have understood us.

Anyway, if I give a old suggestion in the upcoming New Community, will it be deleted or edited? Just asking as we have no reference numbers to call Support for follow up. Last week I called Support to get clarification on ranking, and then asked about past suggestions. They had no status update, even though a couple of suggestions were over a year old.

One other thing, if I may add, is that all I want, maybe majority as well, is to have a status updates of all suggestions we give. Just give us updates with something, such as,  "it's being looked into", "not being thought of", etc along with explanations, too. We were told too many times that "it's been passed on", but we have no proof that any/all suggestions were passed on. Being left in the dark is something that many of us don't appreciate, especially when we want to communicate, and maybe that's why repetition is a common scene here in the Community. 

DJ Stevie 2-28-2020


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I see, this makes sense to me. As we have done in the past, we will likely merge new comments to existing conversations, which will achieve your goal of ensuring pros see there's been a previous discussion, and the community will stay organized for future pros to follow along. This is determined on a case-by-case basis. 

We're bringing labels to community suggestions as a part of the Share Ideas section so I'm glad to see it will be well-received!