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Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

New - TackMaster badges!

As many of you know, we rolled out our TackMaster program earlier this year. 

TackMasters are a panel of outstanding pros who act as our ambassadors on the ground. They’re building community for local pros in their area by hosting meet-ups where pros can swap business tips, grow referral networks and make new friends.

While they are helping to build in-person Thumbtack communities across the country, they are also leaders in our online community. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 2.07.39 PM.png

We figured it was about time we recognized them! We've added a badge next to each of our TackMasters in this forum. If you see it, feel free to comment - ask them about their local communities, listen to their incredible stories of meeting and connecting with other Thumbtack pros, or ask their advice (they are truly product experts)!

And if you'd like to learn more about becoming a TackMaster yourselfapply here or send me a private message at @DustiO.

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4 responses
TackMaster vaughn

Re: New - TackMaster badges!

Hey y’all! Love me a good badge. I hope everyone’s businesses are thriving or is on the right path. Very gracious to be a Tackmaster and learn from everyone!
TackMaster LZDNVG

Re: New - TackMaster badges!

Yay, Love it! <3 Thanks 

TackMaster LVphotog

Re: New - TackMaster badges!

This is great! Very excited to be a part of this community!