New community labels now live

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Whether you’re new to the Pro Community or have been with us for a while, chances are you’ve noticed a ‘Level’ next to your username. It’s never been particularly clear about what these levels indicate, and that’s why we’ve upgraded our labeling system to more human terms.

Community Newcomer: Brand new pros to the Community and might still be searching around to get the lay of the land. Please lend a helping hand by answering their questions or pointing them in the right direction.

Community Regular: Moderately active pros in the Community, perhaps poking their head in every once in awhile to see what’s on other pro’s minds.

Active Community Member: Pros who actively take part in Community discussions on a consistent basis: posting, replying, and giving kudos. 

Community Veteran: You’ve probably seen these pros in more than a few of the discussion boards. They have logged significant time and engagement.

Community Expert: Reserved for our historically active pros, this designation will only be attained by a few.

Wondering how you can level up? Join in more conversations, lend a hand to other pros, and kudo posts you like. Hope to see more Community Veterans and Experts around!

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I think these updates are awesome. I feel this year is going to be great for thumbtack and it's pros

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Great label updates, it definitely helps to know where we're standing within the community. Thank you!
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Glad you like them @Doaulin and @Gaddyair and thanks for being a part of the Pro Community!