Pro Community Survey follow up and next steps

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Hi pros, 

We had a chance to review the survey results from November and want to share what we learned as well as some next steps for 2020:

   - You largely come for connection, networking, and camaraderie. We loved seeing this because a main focus of the Pro Community is to connect pros to each other. 

   - You want to connect with more Thumbtack employees. The survey highlighted that product information is a key motivating factor for being a part of the Pro Community and also something pros would like to see more of. This will be a priority in 2020.

   - Feedback is a point of contention. Our team is working towards improvements for gathering your feedback, creating visibility, and making it actionable for our product team. We have some ideas in development so stay tuned.

   - A divide exists Community. Simply put, the relationship between our team and pros in the community can be improved. This is an area we want and need to get better in, and one way we’re planning to do that is to be more straightforward and upfront in how we communicate. We’re committed to doing our part and we hope our actions will demonstrate our commitment to getting this right.

We’re in the midst of making some pretty big changes to the Pro Community. We’ve talked with many pros about what they want to see more of and we’re confident that the changes will be for the better. We're creating geography based boards, some industry specific boards, and more space for collaboration and networking opportunities. We are also going to be recruiting for online counterparts to TackMasters to help you get the most out of Thumbtack and maximize your business acumen. 

Thank you to those of you who took the time to complete the survey. We're excited to continue building the Pro Community with you.

Drew and the Pro Community Team

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Thanks for sharing this feedback!  Using Thumbtack on and off for 3 years, I feel like you've made positive changes along the way.   There will always be "tire kickers", it's part of being in business.  But there will also be some great leads from time to time, and those, we all want to get the most out of and serve the best.  

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It will be interesting to see what changes are made to improve the Community. Two changes that  I'm looking forward to see, is how the relationships between the Pros and your team will be improved, and how will the Pros connect with more Thumbtack employees.

DJ Stevie 12-27-2019