Recording from our live Q+A with Marco

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Hey all, 

Last week, we hosted a live Q&A with Thumbtack CEO @MarcoZ.

As promised, we recorded that Q&A.  You can watch it below. 

Thanks to everyone who posted a question! And if your question wasn't answered live, we'll get back to you with a response ASAP.


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Finally, I get to see this on here. Couldn't find it when I was told that it was posted yesterday.

Anyway, a very small percentage of your thread's Pros questions and comments were asked, guess it was the time constraint? With a week this Thursday from the Webinar, I along with many Pros, am looking forward to seeing the concrete answers to all of the Pros questions and concerns from your @MarcoZ  Q&A thread.

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I was very interested in Marco's comments beginning at 26:20 of the video. I am glad that those comments were said. Hopefully we will hear more about what TT is working on and considering to mitigate the problems in the near future.