San Francisco pros - give us your feedback!

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Hey pros at our San Francisco meetup, we want to know what's on your mind!


At Thumbtack, we like to keep track of what's going well using a #loveit and what we could improve using a #couldbebetter.

Let us know your#loveits and #couldbebetters! What about Thumbtack do you like and what could we do better? Reply below and let us know!

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One #couldbebetter I have is for the Carpet Cleaning category. I'd like to see Thumbtack include an "Add-on" to the quote sheet for properties that are above three stories. These jobs require that I rent additional equipment and so I need to update my prices to customers appropriately. I don't feel comfortable accepting high-rise jobs because I want the price that the customer sees on Thumbtack to represnt my actual price. 

A #loveit for Thumbtack is that I was able to expand my business by 30% with leads from your site! Thank you!

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I love the fact that I get to promote my company and what I do for the company. #loveit Many opportunities given. Could improve on lead generation algorithm. #couldbebetter

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aanchal was awesome! great experience, very in formative, and very fun... thanks for your help! I learned a lot today...





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When declining leads -- there should be an option to leave note for client such as it is not worth it to fix iPad 1 or really old computers #cbb


Project Fi push notifications does not always come in #cbb


when people ask for opinions and don't look to hire, wish there was option to just give them a note #cbb


I've received a few leads for data recovery #loveit


I'd rather be a top result in a very local (2 mile) territory - like on Angie's List #cbb

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The new 150 mile radious, UNLESS you promote, is overwhelming to say the least . Please allow at least a 25 mile radious if not a more robust self defining radious allgorithim . 

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Promote is starting to work better in sending me more leads, even when a request is not an exact match. #loveit

Would love to see subcategories and examples of types of service within a parent category. For example, what's included (or not) in computer repair and what is meant by "repair"? Also, offer examples of common topics or needs for Computer Lessons. #couldbebetter

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As for the invoice feature #loveit
What #couldbebetter is the overall details of payment and budget purchase settings per each navigation page. I am interested in the promotion feature but I don't know the catch of how my profile will operate exactly after I choose the feature.
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I like how Thumbtack has helped me find clients and grow my business #LoveIt.

It would be nice if Thumbtack was much easier for customers to use and provide their contact information #CouldBeBetter

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@superclean @spectacularproj @thehandyhipster @komkom @SamCutler @confidentmac @mileshack @SeanM it was so nice having you all at our event last night, I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for all of your #loveits and #couldbebetters we appreciate you taking the time to let us know your feedback.

Feel free to browse around and get familiar with the Community. It's a great place to connect with other pros and share your suggestions with us!