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The "Forum" is now called "The water cooler"

Hi all!

Based on your feedback, we've decided to change the name of "The forum" discussion board to "The water cooler."  See here.

The term "forum" can be used to describe any and all of our discussion boards, so we heard you that this was confusing.

While the name is new, the goal for "The water cooler" hasn't changed: this is the place where you can share random tips, big ideas, and fun stories.   It's the place for the types of conversations you'd have with your co-workers around the water cooler.

This also feels like a good time to share a refresher on where you should go in the Community to find exactly what you're looking for.  There are four sections of our Community, each with a couple of discussion boards or blogs.  Below is a description of each of these sections, and each of the discussion boards and blogs you'll find within.


1) For new pros is the section of our Community for pros who are just getting started (here)

  • How Thumbtack works is a discussion board with all of the basics; it's the place to get up to speed on what Thumbtack is and how pros can use it
  • Getting started is a discussion board with advice on how you can build your new business on Thumbtack

2) Using Thumbtack is the section of our Community for you to talk to other pros about makingThumbtack work for you.  It's the place to discuss everything related to the product - from pricing to profiles (here)

  • Pro tips is a blog where we'll share articles on how to be successful on Thumbtacl
  • Product news & updates is the place to get information on all of our latest product changes. Come here to stay in the know!
  • Find more jobs is a discussion board to talk about reaching more customers (by setting your budget and your preferences, etc.)
  • Get hired is a discussion board to talk about standing out to customers (with your profile, your reviews, your credentials, etc.)
  • Manage your jobs is a discussion board to talk about keeping track of your customers (with your inbox, your calendar, etc.)
  • Pricing, payments & refunds is the discussion board for all conversation about what you pay Thumbtack (Thumbtack's fees, our refund policy, etc.)

3) Small business talk is our section devoted to the basic of running a small business.  For the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur, from filing taxes to hiring employees, come here.

  • Small business blog is where we'll post articles and tips about managing a small business, written by our team
  • Trending topics is a discussion board where you can talk to other pros about how they manage and operate their businesses, beyond Thumbtack

4) Pro lounge is our section for everything else that doesn't belong in one of the sections above. It's a place to share stories, debate new ideas, or connect with other pros in your city or industry (here)

  • Stories of the Self Made is a blog where we'll share stories about incredible pros doing incredible things
  • The water cooler is a discussion board where you can share your ideas, your thoughts, your stories


Have any ideas for new discussion boards or blogs you'd like to see? Let us know below!