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Hi pros, 

We recently conducted a pilot of our first Top Pro webinar, and we’ve received a lot of requests for a summary of what we discussed, so we’re posting some details from the presentation along with the themes that came up during the event.


  • the deadline to qualify for January’s Top Pro class is midnight (in your local time zone, December 31, 2019)
  • need to see if you’re meeting the requirements? Use the Top Pro Insights feature to get real-time data.


We had several themes emerge during the session, including:

  • the advantages of becoming a Top Pro
  • how to meet the new Top Pro requirements such as the background check
  • how the 4-hour response time works. (Response rate now measures responses to direct leads within 4 business hours, meaning 8am to 8pm in your local time zone, 7 days a week.)

We’re excited to share more details about the future of Thumbtack and our Top Pro program in the new year. Until then, happy holidays!

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What *I* would prefer is more of a transcript, with explicit detail (not an executive summary of an executive summary), so we can read at our leisure insted of having to wade through the video.