🚨We just hit 20,000 members and we’re updating the Community! 🚨

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Hi pros,

We couldn't wait any longer to give you the news: we’re making some changes and taking the Pro Community to the next level!

We’ve grown to 20,000 members (and counting) over the last 18 months and we’re excited to celebrate this milestone by introducing a new, clear mission for our community:

The Thumbtack Pro Community is where the partnership between Thumbtack and pros comes to life, networking opportunities occur, and potential is unlocked on Thumbtack and beyond.

In addition to new discussions boards that align with this mission, you can also expect a refreshed look and feel to the community.

Lastly, Thumbtack is a dynamic marketplace that is constantly evolving. We will always be happy to offer pointers, clarifications, and the most up-to-date product announcements to help you be more successful. But for technical questions about how Thumbtack works and exact product or pricing details, moderators’ first response will now be to refer you to Thumbtack Help, Pro Resources, or our support team. 

The reason is simple: we have thorough education toolkits that are designed to get you the answers you’re looking for regardless of day or time. The Pro Community is your place for the latest Thumbtack updates, but should also be understood as a snapshot in time. 

Our best guess is that the new changes will go live in the next month or two and we’re looking forward to sharing more as our timeline gets finalized.

Stay tuned,


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@Drew This sounds great. I have no doubt you will succeed in many ways. Since your arrival on the scene, you have brought a maturity and revived sense of purpose to a stagnating Community. At this point, my only question is about the monthly product updates; are they coming back? It would inspire our confidence greatly if that were so. Tangible demonstration of Thumbtack's ambition to "work in partnership with the Pros"would make a deep and positive impression. 

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Sorry to leave you hanging @ChefOfAllSeason, I have been out of the office lately. To follow up on what @Kameron mentioned we’re reevaluating the best way to get pros updates, and because of that, we’ve pressed pause on monthly product updates. They’ll be coming back in a different form in the updated Community structure which will prove more educational, timely, and informative to our feedback process as a whole. We collect feedback through many forms outside of the Community and we can do a better job of shining light on what we see in the Community and beyond.

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This is great news! Looking forward to the continued growth and development! 

Thank you!

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Great! Looking forward to seeing all the new improvements of platform!
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awesome! This has been a success for ua and hopea it keeps its ways of being different in a good way.