We're having an event in Chicago!

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We have so many incredible pros in the Chicago Area - and we want to celebrate you!

Thumbtack invites you to an exclusive event for Events and Wellness pros on Thursday, April 25th from 5:30-8:00PM

  • Network with other pros in your area
  • Meet members of the Thumbtack team
  • Get a personalized profile consultation
  • Get a new professional headshot  
  • Learn tips and tricks to build your business and succeed on Thumbtack - including how to win by promoting your business.

We’ll have an open bar, appetizers and tons of Thumbtack swag. And this one’s on us - that’s right, it’s entirely free!

Interested? RSVP Required

We look forward to meeting you!


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So I am the ugly step sister?  I'm a handyman, who has been with TT since 2013. I have bid on over 2,000 jobs. Have almost 400 hires, and over 200 reviews.  But me, and the other 600 handymen in the Chicago market aren't good enough to be invited. Isn't that special?

I guess some people do have a bias towards my profession. I was on that dating website, POF, and I got into it (via text) with some woman [she had a typo in her essay...instead of saying "first date" she said "fist date"....and she went ballistic when I pointed it out]...and insulted me for being a handyman.

As luck would have it, I have been invited to a Handyman networking event on that very same day, sponsored by a software company.

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Community Manager

@ReeseTee you are welcome to attend the event. The content will be focused more toward those industries, that is all 🙂 

We alternate our events to try and cover everyone, as we have limited time and space in each city - in fact, our last several events have been focused on Home category pros. Check out this video we made at one of our recent events (which was for Home pros) in Philadelphia.

You are absolutely welcome to come and take advantage of everything there.

We value all of our pros, I would love to meet you in person!

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Thank you for permission to attend:  I checked out the address, and I can not make it work with the other professional networking event that I have committed to.

My "Thumbtack Morale" is pretty low at this point and could use a boost. I don't think a party with free food and swag is going to do the trick.  Good luck with your event. --- Reese

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Community Manager

@ReeseTee If anything changes and you are able to attend, I would love to meet and talk to you. There is a lot at the event aside from food and drink that Thumbtack pros can benefit from. Plus, it's nice to have a face to face conversation with a Thumbtack team member about questions or feedback.

Enjoy the other event!