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Thank you for the welcoming, I have been using your services for about 3 years now when ever I am bored and am looking for projects to fill my time . I have to be honest I'm not happy with your recent changes.

Thomas Costello

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I am not a new user. I have been on Thumbtack for a couple of years
Thumbtack Writer
Thumbtack Writer

Thanks for posting @MobileMixology! We meant that you're new to our online community - sorry if that wasn't clear! Glad to hear you've been with Thumbtack for a few years though and would love to hear how you got started!

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Hello beautiful!!! thank you for the welcome. I joined thumbtack after my friend Neil Blake recommend your services.

Lady Charmaine

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Thank you for the kind words! I am looking to grow my HVAC business and TT was mentioned to me. I looked into it and thought I'd give it a try. Been here for a couple of weeks now, and I'm in the red by about $40. Not a good first impression, but I read many of the others' stories and experiences here, and want to keep adjusting my profile so that I get what I want, and hopefully much fewer tire-kickers that are looking for Cragslist kind of contractors/people.

So far, it seems that a vetting, or screening process be put into play - not only for contractors. Also the fee scale needs some adjustments... Looking forward to what I can learn, and how I can grow.

I really appreciate all the ones who post their thoughts and tips. Thank you all!