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Whatever your skill set, there are times when you want to donate your services.  It is rewarding in many ways to you and to the ones you are serving.  Before doing so, it may be a good idea to think about some criteria and limits.

In my case I'm an entertainer, a clown, face painter, balloon twister and clown magician.  I choose to volunteer at a local hospital in the pediatrics department.  I put a limit on the number of days, and I schedule them to fit in with my calendar.  I also volunteer at my church to work with the youth, teaching them some clown skills and helping organize outreach events so they can share with others.  At times I work them into my paying gigs, asking for donations to purchase supplies for them.  This works out as a win-win since the client gets multiple entertainers at a lower cost, and they get the benefit of helping youth develop community outreach skills

What are my limits?  One day a month at the hospital, one evening a month with the church youth, and no more than six volunteer events a year.  

What are my criteria for events? Sponsored by a group with which I am involved (my clown alley, magician ring, church, or social club), supporting a cause that is important to me (environmental health and social justice), or helping a family member or close friend.

What about you?

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@Klinker That's great that you're in a spot with your business that you're able to donate your services from time to time. Thanks for sharing this, you're awesome!