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If you find yourself tagged in this post, that means that you’ve joined the Community within the last few weeks and we want to tell you Welcome! To those of you who have already started engaging in conversations, thank you! If you haven’t posted yet, no worries. Start by checking out this post to learn more about the Community and how to get started engaging in conversations. 

The Community is a great place for you to share your inspiration, connect with other pros, and connect with us. Feel free to browse around current conversations and start a new one of your own if you’d like.

We’re happy you’re all here! Reply below and introduce yourself to the rest of the Community 🙂

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Great for Nimble Concierge to be part of the community!
Community Newcomer
Thank you!!
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Community Newcomer

Great to be here! Thank you from Communication Matters Studio in Boston! Voice Over l Presentation l Acting l Accent Reduction Coaching l www.communicationmattersstudio.com 

Community Newcomer

looking forward to start using Thumtack in Oct (I am recording my next album in Nashville till then). See you all soon

Community Newcomer

Thank you and welcome all Pros. I am very excited to be part of the Thumbtack community and getting to work. 

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Thank you for the warm welcome - this place is great. Especially for a niche business focused on Land & Alternative Dwelling Design 😉 Very much looking forward to creating genuine and mutually beneficial relationships with you folks!
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Still waiting for my 25 free points..sent in suryey over a month ago and resent your email offer too.
Steven Cohen
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@Steven953 most survey rewards will come once the survey is closed to everyone. If you'd like to discuss further please send me a direct message or you can contact our support here: https://help.thumbtack.com/contact-thumbtack

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Thanks for the hello. I'm looking forward to getting familiar with Thumbtack and increasing my outreach. I enjoy being of service to others and helping them discover inner peace, love, and joy.

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I am a man of many hats. Ive done marketing, sales and pipe fitting. I have been part of floor and carpet cleaning since i was 16 yrs old in new york as side jobs and now i found myself opening my own business . The interaction with my clients and being able to provide a service. I hope to meet you soon.