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If you’re tagged in this post, that means you’ve joined the Community over the last couple of weeks. Welcome to you all! The Community is a great place for you to share your inspiration, share your tips, connect with other pros, and connect with us. Be sure to check out this post to learn more about the Community and how to get started engaging in conversations. From there, I recommend checking out these recent posts: 

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Circling back to self-care.

Feel free to browse around current conversations and start one of your own if you’d like. 

We’re so happy you’re here! Reply below and introduce yourself to the rest of the Community 🙂


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Thank you!

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Hello all! My name is Charlene a.k.a. cha-cha and I am a seamstress who makes T-shirt quilts for people to save their memories and keep them warm and cozy as well! Thumbtack is very cool and I’m glad to be here in the community. I look forward to many experiences with new clients as well as in this community.
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...thangyaveramuch!  look forward to hopefully meeting as many of you as possible - personally or professionally.  peace/namaste!~

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