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Greetings everyone! 
My name is Nyeisha and I am a proud notary serving Jacksonville, Fl . I hope this year I grow bigger and hit my goal of 6 figures 

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Hi everyone!

My name is Tal, I'm a part-time photographer in the Boston area.

Other than photography, my other hobbies are beekeeping (honey, anyone?) and flying small planes (I regularly volunteer for Angel Flight, these folks are real saints). In my day job I'm a software engineer.

Thumbtack has allowed me to reach many customers and make this great hobby into an income-producing side-job.


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Hi my name is Zulma and I’m a psychic.  I’m using Thumbtack to reach out more customers and it has been great to me.
I am very happy using Thumbtack for my business!  

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Hi all and congratulations to everyone!

I am film director owner of film production company Kostic Films LLC. We do specialize in independent films and always looking for film investors. In parallel with film production we do have commercial production as well and we did produced more than 2000 video commercial projects since 2007 for small, medium and large companies in New York City Metropolitan Area.

Wishing you all happy and prosperous New Year!