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If you find yourself tagged in this post that means you’ve joined the Community over the last couple of weeks and we want to tell you Welcome! The Community is your space to connect with other pros, share tips, and converse about ideas. 

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Thanks for the welcome. These are difficult times, more difficult for many. As a criminal defense attorney, I can tell you that arrests are down...way down. Many of you are experiencing a similar downturn in your business, others doing the same, others increasing. The world is upside down for the time being. Stay optimistic. Be well. @blecherj 

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Hello All,


I hope everyone is well and safe during these trying times.

We just started our firm early March before everything went on lockdown. We focus on business, contracts and tax law. 


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I am a documentary wedding photographer. And, as you can imagine, the bug has definitely thrown wedding planning into chaos. But, I'm confident that weddings will return. I frankly look forward to the first wedding I do where everyone is gloved and masked.

It's all small stuff,


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I looking for costu im house cleaning and carpet cleaning and Moore