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Hi. My name is Crystal and I own Education Exchange, a tutoring center in NC. I am thinking about utilizing Thumbtack to get students for myself and the other tutors who work with me. I look forward to finding out more about this company and how it can help me advance my business. 

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Hello, I am the owner of a catering company and have been using Thumbtack for almost two years now. I have had off and on success with it. However, I have noticed that pros can no longer mark their jobs as "Hired" and now that responsibility is left to the customer. I think this is a horrible idea, considering that once a customer reaches out to me we never converse over Thumbtack again. It is also one of the ways Thumbtack uses to determine your ranking in search results. As such, we should be given control over this, especially as a catering company since we tend to book jobs that do not happen for several months out. 

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Hello  My name is Javier and i own small.catering company specializing in cuban foods and other dishes. Our paellas are the most popular. We are hoping to take our business to higher level. @chefjaviercatering #chefjaviercatering.com 

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Hi Everyone! 

Glad to become a part of the community.  I have over 30 years experience helping small businesses with cash flow planning, budgeting, tax planning & preparation and corporate structuring.

I used Thumbtack a couple of years ago with some success, and am just now getting reacquainted with their updated costs and plans. I am hoping to make some new positive client connections!

I have many services and options available to assist small business owners with the tools they need for their success on the financial side of their business.  

I can be contacted at kimberly@itsyourmoneyinc.com or 775.225.7370  

Looking forward to being a part of the Thumbtack Community!


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Hello Thumbtack Community,

Warm greetings and hello...

I'm Lesleigh Tolin. My passion is my work as an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist. I work only with adults who are grieving a significant loss: a loved one via death or divorce or estrangement of a friend...the loss of a child...Here's a new podcast which explains the short term program which I offer.

Many ask why grief? I have lived through an inordinate amount of loss in my life and have chosen to turn my pain into purpose.


If you or a friend or loved one is grieving any loss, it would be my honor to speak with you, him or her about my Zoom program. My clients so love the offer of meeting virtually so they can be at home and comfortable in their own surroundings when we meet.  
Feel free to call me for a complimentary consultation. 
Lesleigh J Tolin, MS, Counseling Psychology
Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist
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Hi everyone!

My name is Luisa Montagner and I teach #Italian and #Japanese online. I opened my small business at the beginning of 2019 and Thumbtack has been my largest source of students ever since.

I am now expanding my website www.luisalanguageteaching.com and hope to see many new clients coming my way directly from Google.