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Hi - I'm John Linneball, sole proprietor of John Linneball Tutoring. Glad to meet you all. Hey, does anyone know if/how we can get a Top Pro 2020 badge? I made Top Pro again, but don't see this. 

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Hello Everyone! Nice to meet you all. I am the owner of Janssen Technical Consulting, a web design company based out of the Pacific Northwest.

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Hello All - I'm Mikki the Mediator with Great River Mediations. 

I help individuals, couples and families have transformative conversations so they can deal with those butterflies in their stomache, sleep better at night, be better parents, spouses, ex's (yes better x's too ;), friends, siblings and partners.  Conversations and conflict are my specialty and I help people come to the table and be real and authentic.   I help people move forward and get unstuck!  

Glad to be here and meet everyone!  Reach out if I can be of any help.  www.greatrivermediations.com

John,  Click under settings by your photo.  Then go to the bottom left hand corner to see "wigits."  The Top Pro badge will be in there.  Congrats!

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Thanks and welcome, Mikki!

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Hello all,

Glad to join this community! I am Aleksey, a freelance musician and pianist. Looking forward to connecting with people and begin working with those who love art and value its importance in our lives! #liveart

Stay safe! #wearamask 

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Hi everyone!  I'm Alex, Owner of American Smart Moving Services, LLC based in Ashburn, VA.

Looking forward to establishing long lasting and meaningful connections, and to helping each other during these times of so much distress.

#happymovers #gratefulworkers