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I am a new Pro and I have a question. I had a 1:1 meeting with one of the account reps and decided not to subscribe or whatever you call purchasing $150 or more of credits, but I did enter my credit card info. The reason I did this is I wanted to get a sense for how large the market for my service is plus I have a limited service area. I remain open to "subscribing" in the future. 

So far, I have not received any direct leads (which supports my hypothesis about the market size) and 99% of the opportunities I see are for a related service (which is something I do not provide).

It's only been a week but I just wanted to know if I am interpreting the data correctly. I think I did a good job filling out my profile and detailing exactly what it is that I do. If I were to plunk down the $400 that the account guy wanted me to, would I start seeing different leads/opportunities? Thanks in advance!

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You my friend need to follow DaleFinkJr. FMNP

Find me on TwITtEr and the number 8 after my name. 
Tt is Doing fine as a company. They are killing it.....billions sorry just one not two billion. Are you a nutritionist? Or what field are you N. They’re very vague in certain categories. However one of their executives told me to sit tight they’re working on it. If this is your onlyOutlet of income you may need to rethink owning your own business or hire someone to run it for you . Back on the ranch. They need some time to grow I mean a painter paints. You hire a painter. Even a painter can paint a wall. Nutrition is a word. You need a lot more information than a word so I’m gonna sit tight too because I think this could really be a very fun and profitable app  dalewfinkjr 8 @ t dm me for privacy. You also have to remember a lot of this technology is bites and algorithms if you don’t know what those two things mean you need to get with the program. By that I mean read some books Google searches get yourself educated. Later