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Shoutout to our newest members of the online community who have joined us and posted in the last couple of weeks! We’re so glad you’re here. We hope you keep coming back to get your questions answered and connect with your fellow pros.

In order to help us get to know you a little better, reply to this message! How have the holidays affected your business?

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It didn't
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Just like name is... holidays “ thanks God everything was awesome
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The holidays had no changes in the way my business productivity.  It’s thumbtack and the new changes in quotes that have changed my business. I do not get any leads. The ones I do get the price is outrageous. It’s sad they are losing clients because of the changing of thumbtack. Please go back to how it was. I was getting all kinds of leads and built my business . Please listen to us your customers 


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@dkhoward it's tough to hear that you've not experienced additional success on the new system with the great number of hires and reviews that you have. I took a look and can see that seasonality does appear to be having an effect on your service and area recently in regards to fewer jobs. Once things pick up your reviews will definitely separate you from your competition. I'd also recommend adding some pictures of your work and completing the voluntary background check. Customers always really seem to enjoy before and after photos if you have good examples to use.

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Happy New Year, everyone!

Normally, this time of year was when my Thumbtack Pro account was deluged with wedding/engagement photo quote requests. Most of the leads had good budgets and job details that matched my skills and job preferences. I'm also happy to say that EVERY SINGLE ONE of those clients were good people, and the events were fun, and I did some of my best work for them.

That was THEN...

Now, I rarely get ANY leads, and when I do, their budget is tiny or they practically want the job for free. But mostly, I don't get ANY leads. 

My business is dead. This used to be a busy time of year when I put out a lot of job bids, but now there's nothing. 

I've already spent a lot of time chatting with Customer Service, there's little if any more tweaking that can be done to my profile to helpt this situation.

Thumbtack, you killed my business. You, your new system, nothing else.

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