Hello everyone in the DMV!

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How is everyone doing? I doubt anyone will see this since this connect area is dead. I saw some tumbleweeds roll on by as I entered this section.

I am writing here because I need some help or guidance. You can call it what you will. I do all of my work for everything on a browser. I am not an app person. I don't want to be an app person. Yes, you can call me an old curmudgeon Luddite any time you wish. 

Does the online version work as well as the app? Or is the app more optimized now? I tried out thumbtack a few years ago as a Pro and I wanted to try it again, but they changed a bit. I don't recall it being so un-intuitive and cumbersome. I am wondering if they optimized it for the app?

Also, they changed from the old credit system to this new targeting system. Just wondering how you feel about the newer system and if you think it works better. I have not been able to learn about it because Thumbtack, in their infinite wisdom, chunked the content too small in the Pro videos and made voice over with quasi still images showing the app screen on a small portion of the screen. The instructional designer and video editor's heads in me exploded. So I backed out.

Please help.


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