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On the one hand, if I was really mad with Thumbtack I would unsubscribe and file a complaint with BBB, the Governor's Ombudsman, and on a public forum.

On the other hand, this is the context of my subject: my private teaching income is around $10,000 annually and to find those clients I have been using thumbtack for about 5 years.  When I submitted my Thumbtack advertising bill on my 2019 return ($600+) turbotax warned that might raise a red flag with IRS because it was excessive.  It is.  I hate the way Thumbtack charges us for leads and then if the lead doesn't get back to us, or gets back to us and doesn't follow through, it is up to us to claim the money back from them, not Thumbtack's responsibility to return it.  And if we are fortunate enough to get a rebate, it's not to our credit cards, but to their cache of our money.

I hate the way they do not abide by my settings for my travel.  I've set a limit of 10 miles from my home to drive.  Thumbtack has changed it arbitrarily.  I have to ensure it's reset everyday.  They send me jobs that are 150 miles away, they send me leads that are 20 miles away, they don't tell prospective clients that I charge a mileage for driving to them, so 3 times this month, having had a reply from customers and paying for the lead, customers have declined because the price is not what Thumbtack told them. I don't mind the new policy of only having targeting pros on their radar, but I do mind when they have clients who don't seem to exist: I've automatically paid for a lead, so I respond, and get no reply.  I can allow for some accidental distance discrepancies but I get the distinct feeling I'm being scammed.

Anyone else?




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