Tips for pros new to Thumbtack

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Good Morning Pros!  My name is Shane with Texas Elite Moving, we have been using TT for several years and have found a lot of success with TT.  Here are a few tips to help you see success:

  • Build out a professional looking profile.  Add at least 10 pictures showcasing your work, employees, equipment etc. Provide good content to inform potential clients about your business, possibly your rates, accreditations you have.
  • Set your targeting preferences.  These will take some time to get them right for your business.  Don't forget to revisit these preferences often to make any changes to areas, types of jobs, or size of projects.
  • Respond when contacted as quickly as possible, not only will this help your ranking, it will also make sure the consumer knows you are actively engaged with your clients
  • Create templates for typical responses to help you respond faster
  • Do follow ups!  This one is something that gets overlooked by pros a lot....make sure you send follow ups often.  We usually send a follow up a few hours after 1st contact and at least once a day every day after until they respond.  This makes sure you are showing active engagement and qualifies you for a refund if they never come back to TT.

I hope these tips help your success with TT.  Please comment with any questions, I am happy to help!