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Re: Attention Events pros: is promoting your profile working for you?

I loosing money big time,I seriously thinking about shutting down from this site.

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Re: Attention Events pros: is promoting your profile working for you?

Promote isn't working for me. I found the most success when the site gave me the most control. I understand the logic in switching but I think it's a mistake to follow other companies. I believe a company should lead not follow. I think that's originally why companies like apple saw so much success. I'm not sure why customers aren't responding now but the photography business is too complicated to not be personal in my experience. I think for this one section of the site it should operate differently. More like it originally did when it wasn't so focused on automation and following trends.
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Re: Attention Events pros: is promoting your profile working for you?

I don't believe I am using this promoting my profile?  I'm not really sure Smiley Sad  This is the first I am hearing of it.  I have noticed a few more leads lately, HOWEVER, I am very disappointed that I get charged before I can even talk to the potential client.  Bottom line, if they DON'T choose me, I SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED.  It's so very frustrating.  Not sure how much longer I'll stay with Thumbtack.

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Re: Attention Events pros: is promoting your profile working for you?

I'm not getting the number of notifications as I once were. It's as if the business is at a halt. That promoting my business doesn't work for me because you guys are taking way to much money. You keep driving the price up for the pros. Are going to start doing a subscription? The old way worked a lot better.

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Re: Attention Events pros: is promoting your profile working for you?

I worry about paying a set amount for leads I may not want.I like to be able to see each lead to make sure it’s a good fit for us. I also provide low voltage landscape lighting but Thumbtack don’t have a listing for that I have to put landscaping or lighting repair and I get a lot of leads like hang a ceiling fan etc which you need an electrician for. Landscape lighting is a huge business and I wish I could promote only that we install and fix it, we are a irrigation repair service and a pond, water feature repair service and install landscape lighting, I do well with irrigation repairs, fair with water feature repairs, cleaning and no heading for landscape lighting .
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Re: Attention Events pros: is promoting your profile working for you?

Hi Michelle,

Is there a similar Senior Manager who works in the graphic design space who is conducting similar research. We, like so many other Thumbtack Pros have found promote to be a very poor "enhancement" and have discontinued use of Thumbtack after watching our business dry up here. We'd love to be a part of the solution and get Thumbtack back to the win-win-win it was prior to promote. Can you let me know? Thanks!


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Re: Attention Events pros: is promoting your profile working for you?

First I tried "Promote", but I was matched with customers I would never have contacted otherwise! So I stopped using promote. After discussing an issue here in the community with one of the Moderators it turned out, that even though I have a highly pro profile and great experience in business AND earlier higher hiring success, besides I am super quick in response on TT, my ranking was super bad - because of the lack of promoting myself! That looks like a good explanation for why I have not received any leads since October...

The Moderator wanted to convince me to expand my service area from my home to either traveling to customers or to provide remote lessons. I don't do either! Seriously?! How could you successfully teach piano over the internet?! Besides, in order to really effectively teach voice, the student MUST BE heard flawless! Which requires both an excellent internet connection and high-tech mics on both ends.

He also suggested using "promote" again. I thought can give a shot to it...and voila: that ranked me almost on the top! BUT...

BUT... it matches me with requests I am not offering, making me pay! It matched me with customers who only were looking for a music teacher for Saturday/Sunday when I don't teach! It is in my settings under "Business hours". HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN??

Guys, fellow PROs, always check, what you paid for! Looks like this is a "bug" in TTs system...

So my answer to your question, Michelle T is that I HATE the 'promote' function! I hate to be paired with customers I normally might not choose for my own reasons and I hate that I feel being forced to check whether I was rightfully or wrongfully charged for the lead I was matched with!

FYI, I NEVER used Instant Match, because I hated it from the first moment. I liked the "old TT": to be able to control whom I contact, to send out customized, personalized quotes. I think my quotes told more about me than my profile does. Because My profile has to be somewhat "generalized" meanwhile my quotes were really personal right from the very first moment.
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Re: Attention Events pros: is promoting your profile working for you?

Charging us before any concrete deal i believe that’s a scam. Doesn’t help any business to be charge for someone to just look at our profile very discouraging to keep posting here in TT

Re: Attention Events pros: is promoting your profile working for you?

80% of my income was from TT in the last 2 years. But now I am about to quit. They change rules every year and want to get more money from Pros. I joined TT in 2017 and that time they charge the fee once customer opens the quote. Many tire kickers open your quote and never respond. The good thing was I only spent $5-$10 each quote (about $200/mo)and only 5 Pros can send the quote. So you still have a lot of chance to win.

Sometimes in 2018, they tried to figure out the tire kickers and they changed the rule to only charge fee when the customer reply to your quote. It's kinda get rid of the tire kickers but I have to pay $15-$30 each quote. There is a trash reply template feature such as "are you available” “I will call you back later” on TT and you can't edit before you send it. You tap and it will send it. Sometimes you need to edit a little bit and you will send it accidentally. 30% of customers sent this kind of useless messages on TT and I got charged. However, they don't interested in your service at all also never reply to your quote they just don't know how to use this APP.

Everything just fine because I still make money from TT. On TT, customers post a request with the details and Pros will get a notification and look at the details if it matches your work. Then we will send a quote(only 5 pros) with our price and service. This bidding system helps me get more chance to win. Because I don't need to against 1000 photographers on TT and only against 4 people. It's more efficient than advertising. However, at the end of 2018, TT pushes customers to use their another new feature call: Insta Match or promoting. Actually, it released a long time ago but almost no one uses it. Usually, I get 15-25 quotes every day and I am getting less and less request at the end of 2018. So I turn on the promoting and see how good is it. After a weeks later, I closed it. I find it just ruining TT and let Pros pay more $$. This is how the promoting works: when a customer finding a photographer, it used to create a project with the detail and wait for Pros to respond. In the promoting, customers will see a Pro list near your location first. You fill out the details and you will see the price on the Pro list. You can contact the Pros as many as you want. For Pros, we will need to fill out the price for each service and the duration first. TT will charge Pros the fee once the customers contact us from the Pro list. So there is no a request page anymore and Pros can't bid the interested requests anymore. So, I got several messages from the promoting(already paid $$) from TT and I saw most of them I am not available, not interested or the wrong budget. I tried to correct the price base on the info I saw(since I already paid) or decline them(I can't do or I am not available). Guess what? Only 20% of them reply or they are interested in my service. There still have many tire kickers on TT and they click Pros on the list for fun or for something. But I paid $200/week after I promoting(I pay $10- $20 each) and I can't control the customers I interested. I have to turn it off.
Same tire kickers problem on TT, I paid $5-$10 in 2017 and now I paid $10-$20. What the f**k TT? Each quote TT can get at least $50-$100 in their hand. TT you are really rich and you still want more $$ from Pros. If are such greedy and break the win-win, I will leave. Without our Pros, you are nothing.
Here is the thing, as a photographer, I have to see the request detail first!!!!!!(what they want, where and the duration and their budget)For the people who just need simple shots and low budget I will get a cheap rate and for the people who want some high-quality photos(some weddings and corporate events) I will ask more $$$$$$$$. We are flexible on the rate but this stupid Promoting never asks us first and force us to pay $$ first before we consider it and change the rate. As a result, I may give a wrong price or I am not available or I am not interested in it at alllllll! The interesting thing is after I turn off the promoting I got nothing every day, no photography job at all(I used to get 15-25 quotes every day). On my APP I only see a few videography and real estate jobs. Also, I found there is no notification anymore(either on APP, email or text), I have to open the APP manually and check by myself. Guess what again!!!!! I used my customer account and found the reason is TT is trying to push customer use Promoting instead of the traditional bidding system. Because TT can get more $$$$$ on promoting.

Alright, I am not a native speaker and please forgive my English. Thanks for TT, I got 5-10 jobs/mo before but in Jan 2019 I only got 1 job. IT's OK I am busy on other jobs and the lunar new year. I will be back and check If TT still like your great idea after the lunar new year or it's the time to say goodbye?



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Re: Attention Events pros: is promoting your profile working for you?

That is a pretty darn accurate assessment of the situation. Ever since they changed it from 5 quotes, I have had ZERO, ZERO activity. I have had a few requests from at least an hour away on some small budget work. So far I paid very high prices for these "LEADS" that were INCORRECT. Before you had support/service with very helpful staff. Now there is a larger buffer before you can get to someone.