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Bay Area Top Pro Referals


I thought it would be a good idea for local pros to to have access to other Pros in their local area. This way if we need to refer a service we can refer a quality pro that is in our community. Local entrepreneurs can come here and see what each pro does and what service they have the ability to refer to other pros. Of course each area can make their own discussion with the name of the city/ area they are in. Here’s my idea for a layout. Let me know your thoughts.

Toro Moving (Moving and Delivery company)

- junk removals (3 pick up truck loads or less)
- Heavy Lifting and furniture moving
- local moving
- staging
- deliveries

Common Referals;
- organizers
- storage
- handyman
- designers
- furniture repair
- custom furniture

Ideal referals from;
- real estate agents
- organizers
- moving companies that only do big moves
- designers
- construction (Heavy Lifting)

Owner- Nicolas Toro
City- Corte Madera
Cell- (323)517-8589

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Re: Bay Area Top Pro Referals

Hi @NickToro, welcome to The Community. Thanks for starting the conversation, I can't wait to see all of you pros connect with one another!

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Re: Bay Area Top Pro Referals

Thanks, I hope this catches on. It would be a great way to find people to help with fixing things that happen on jobs or refer people to quality pros.

Re: Bay Area Top Pro Referals


I'm a Bay Area DJ and would love to nework with the group you're putting together. 

Let me know how we can work together.

- Frank

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Re: Bay Area Top Pro Referals

Hi Nick, great idea, I'd be up for some networking/referrals. I work in a few home services categories, but mostly custom furniture building.  @Meckell @Kameron Maybe TT can host something at their HQ? 


Re: Bay Area Top Pro Referals

@TheLast10SF We have plans to have a few pro get-togethers and meet-ups in the Bay Area in the next couple of months. More info to come soon, stay tuned!

Re: Bay Area Top Pro Referals

Looking forward to the update!
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