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Your Stats For This Week:
Views:768 ⬇️ 76 vs 1 week ago
Leads:13 ⬆️ 1 vs 1 week ago
Cost:$99⬆️ $10 vs 1 week ago
I wish I could show the chart that shows how sharply the decline in views and business has been over the last four months as indicated by the Insights Page TT provides me. It says I have gotten 683 listing views and 85 profile views.
By service:
Service 1 had 501 views and 10 leads
Service 2 had 196 views and 3 leads
Then at the bottom it says I got 51 additional views. Unsure of what they are referring to. I spent $99/week. I’m not even sure how many of those I could have pursued because nothing shows up in my Inbox or Jobs. Guess how many times I got hired? Maybe 1. Guess how many customers changed their mind and said “oh no thanks, we will just use a provider on our insurance instead.” after wasting hours asking me questions that are clearly on my profile. Two others responded via the ‘auto response’-Are you available on my date? And still no response from those-as there never is. So I paid $20 more than I charge for one potential client this week. Your insights are telling me TT’s new pricing platform isn’t working for me. All the discussions here are saying the same. The chart I wish I could post here, is glaringly obvious. I stood up for you TT last week, but the numbers don’t lie. It’s not about me chasing leads anymore. It’s about not being provided with a service adequately for a fair price. I can’t see the 768 views. I can’t compete for 13 leads when I can’t see them in a timely fashion or find them in my inbox or jobs pages. I can’t keep getting charged more for less. Less views, ONE lead and ten more dollars spent than last week. Average that to $100/for 4 potential clients? The cost now outweighs the potential. I beg you to fix this TT. Fast.

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Re: Pushing Out Your Pros

@Notinsured it's tough to see that you've been experiencing this decline. Many pros experience lower lead numbers around this time of year. It’s something that we hear reports of every year starting around early to mid-November. Is it possible or typical for your category that this could be happening as well?

I wanted to ask if you could explain more about the trouble you mentioned in seeing leads in your inbox? I checked and it looks like the leads you've gotten in your inbox have all been responded to and that your response time/rate is better than the average pro in your market. Great job on keeping up with those responses!

In your inbox, it looks like you had two confirmed appointments based on your messages and even a repeat customer from before. This would mean that you had 3 hires this week alone and seeing a fairly decent profit compared to what you've spent for the week, which is awesome! 

We want you to continue seeing success with Thumbtack and we’re here to help in any way that we can. Let me know if you have any further questions or thoughts!

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Re: Pushing Out Your Pros

Hi Kameron,
Thank you for your response.

In my industry, the trend actually goes up around the holidays. It actually spikes at the beginning of November and typically remains high through mid-April (after taxes). Depression and mental health issues skyrocket with the holidays, family pressure, financial burdens and just winter in general. Summer is when it seems to slow down in my field.

As far as the leads go, I believe that must have been a temporary glitch from the platform rollover. It remained so for a time then suddenly abated.

Thank you for the compliment regarding staying on top of my response/time rate. I do try to do exceptional work in every aspect. Isn’t that part of being professional? However your observation of two confirmed appointments and a repeat customer does not mean the same thing in my world as most other fields I believe. More often than not, people flake out because what I do is very, very personal. When they come to me they are having heightened emotions and feeling vulnerable. If it’s a couple, one of them may have already resigned to an ending. A repeat customer only means I have paid for them once, they didn’t choose to work with me and now they are back and I am paying for them again unless I contest it as a repeat. It’s not a credit to me, just that they didn’t get the help they sought out before, if that makes sense. I need to have ten appointments a week to stay in business. Each lead cycles through about 6-8 weeks conservatively. I’ll let you do the math, but two confirmed appointments a week means I am out of business in March.

Since starting with TT I have tracked each contact, if it developed, how long they remained a client. I can see how much profit vs loss I have each month. I used to have literally a dozen contacts each week and paid more than I pay now but had twenty plus appointments each week. You can see how many I have now. You have seen my posts here. You can look up the numbers yourself all the way back, Kameron. The numbers don’t lie and TT giving me the data. What an ignorant business plan. I understand evolving. I’ve even defended TT for goodness sakes. But the changes are going to destroy them. I’m a solution-focused Therapist. I help people find solutions. TT needs help. You say you want to continue to see me succeed. Here’s one thought-stop changing what works. I have plenty of good ideas, but I’m not going to share them for free. In fact, I have one idea that could be a game changer for TT. I have two other businesses that I have to find leads for and it’s a burgeoning and booming business that no one (I can find anyway) has tapped that could be a huge branch for TT. Who do I talk to? Anyway, Happy New Year!
Moderator Kameron

Re: Pushing Out Your Pros

@Notinsured thank you for your detailed response and providing additional context for me to understand. I sincerely hope that things turn around for you through Thumbtack soon. As for your ideas and suggestions you can share them with anyone that works at Thumbtack including myself or anyone you may speak to through our Support Channels. We also have a way for you to share your ideas on your own through this page here. Happy New Year to you as well!

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