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What is your availability?

I have never had s response from the query “ what is your availability”. I don’t fill out times, I send a message asking for more info and state that there’s no obligation to hire. Ask them to phone to see if we are compatible.

I feel that if somewhat is to the level of asking for availability that they would be open to interacting.

But never a response.

Anyone else experience this?

I do not know if a Customer has viewed my profile

When I receive a lead in my inbox that includes the question “what is your availability?” I have no idea what this means. Are they asking when would they like to talk? Are they asking when can we schedule a sit down? A tasting? Who knows? I ordinarily pass on these as my availability is plainly posted on my “super strong” profile. If I knew that the JP actually took time to read my profile, then there would be a clearer indication if what they are asking. The same is true when the auto prompt question says “wants a quote”. If they haven’t seen my profile, then what exactly do they want a quote for? This another do not accept lead situation.
As a consumer, when I pay for something, I want to know if it’s going somewhere. I don’t like ghosts. They make noise and don’t do anything.
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Re: I do not know if a Customer has viewed my profile

Exactly! My availability is plainly visible in my profile. 7 AM - 9 PM, seven days a week. If they ask, or better yet, don't tell me when THEY need my services (they leave it blank),  I don't bother responding. I know it will be a waste of my money.

Cranichik 8-5-2019

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Charges for "Customer Requesting One's Availablilty"

If a customer wants my availability, I don't see why we have to pay for that if we get no following responses!! It should be the same as all other leads in that if they don't respond, we are not charged.​
The customer made a "request" for us, so as a courtesy to Pros, TT should present the request to us and allow us to say yes or no.  THEN if the customer responds "ok do I book you?", etc.....charge me.  But not for me to respond my availablity.
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Re: Charges for "Customer Requesting One's Availablilty"


I've been suggesting something similar numerous times since last November. 

DJ Stevie 8-14-2019

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Re: Charges for "Customer Requesting One's Availablilty"

The job poster shouldn't need to ask us when are available or for a quote. When they fill out the request they can get those answers to those questions well before submitting the request.

Hankster 8/14/19
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When a Customer Wants My Availability, Give It To Them

I am using the calendar. So when someone wants to see my availability, simply link them to my calandar when they click the button "Check John's Availability". If they do not like what they see there, they are less likely to ask me for information that they already know. And if they then ask for my availability..... YES! Disable that button! Or, send them to my calendar AGAIN! And again, and again!

Paying Thumbtack to answer redundant questions from customers is.... well, you know..... redundant. Send the customer to my calendar again, and again, and again....... and again.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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Re: When a Customer Wants My Availability, Give It To Them


I had thought that the calendar feature was in a way linked to "customer" requested date. But it's not. If it is, then we shouldn't be asked for our availability, and that button should be deleted.

Your suggestion is an excellent one and should be reviewed for implementation.

DJ Stevie 8-15-2019

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Re: When a Customer Wants My Availability, Give It To Them

@Hankster @DJStevie @GrampysMagic : In my experience, the job poster (customer) is not looking at our profiles beyond the first three lines. The calendar feature appears to be set up as a way of us communicating with Thumbtack. Why expect customers to view it? Thumbtack can "see" our availability and proceed thusly as to whether or not to send us leads in our inboxes or charge us as a promote lead.

The solution, therefore, is to change the message: rather than the click button saying "What's your availability?" Let it say " I want to book you for ____________ beginning ___/____/20___"

As it is now, the button is too ambiguous and uninspiring. 

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Re: When a Customer Wants My Availability, Give It To Them


I know that "customers" do not read our profiles in their entirety. I've had recent clients tell me that. What attracted them to me were my reviews, and them finding my website via Google search.

But, As I said, I had thought that both the calendar feature and when "customer" asks for availability were linked. One would think that they would by synched.   I'm more than welcome for a change, as I think that we all are.  @Hankster has given excellent ideas as well as you and other pros. I know that not all suggestions will be implemented, or at least reviewed for implementation, but I think we all agree that something has to be done. I don't know about you, but being asked for availability then ghosted is becoming more than frustrating.

DJ Stevie 8-15-2019