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Client outside of area

I have a client in New Hartford that I have been seeing but they are too far out for me, is there a way to find another dog trainer for her in a month that can continue the training I started.  Wilma

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Re: Client outside of area

@Happypawsntails the best way for your client to do this would be for them to search on Thumbtack for another dog trainer in their area. 

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Re: Client outside of area

Thank you for the advice but if there is anyway I can find someone for them myself through Thumbtack I will.  I would like to go over what I have been doing with this couple.  Wilma


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Re: Client outside of area

@Happypawsntails Giving clients referrals when it makes sense  is a great way to show great customer service. It would be great if we could refer clients to fellow TT pros without either us or the referral pro getting charged. 

Re: Client outside of area

@Happypawsntails If you don't mind the suggestion, I would look one up on Yelp or Google if you can't contact one here. No doubt they would appreciate the lead, and you'd make a new friend. BTW- I live in lovely crime free New Hartford, CT. Good luck!

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Re: Client outside of area

If the client likes your a lot, you could talk with them about increasing your $ to make it worthwhile for you to travel there each time.  I would try that before I'd hand it over to another person, unless it's just out of the question of course.