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Re: Customers are NOT notified of quotes sent in Jobs section


Forgive me for chiming in here, but are customers aware of the jobs in the Jobs Tab, now Opportunities, that Pros are given? Is there a way for Thumbtack to notify the customers that Pros are given potential jobs and how the system works for Pros?

I'm confused of your statement, That's why it doesn't go into their inbox until the customer respods. What is the customer responding to? Our messages? Or notifications from Thumbtack?

DJ Stevie 10-3-2019

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Customers are NOT notified of quotes sent in Jobs section

@DJStevie if a pro quotes on the job through the Jobs tab, customers do indeed see them. Please refer to my earlier responses in this thread as it will help answer those questions you may have. 

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Re: Customers are NOT notified of quotes sent in Jobs section

@Meckell That's misleading to say the customers "do indeed see them." The customers can see them, but that's significantly different from they do see them. Again, in order for the customer to view the messages from Pros that were sent by the Pro via the Jobs section, they have to go into their Projects, open the specific project, then *hopefully* see it. If the messages went to the inbox, I understand how that could be perceived as overwhelming, but that's why it should then be reduced to 3 instead of 5.

This would not only help Pros in such a monumental way, but I think it would also help customers connect with Pros that also are volunteering to help them with their specific project. If the Pro couldn't be of any help, they wouldn't send the message in the first place. 

Further, it doesn't;t mean the customer is required to respond to the Pros, but if the customer did respond, it's better for the Pros AND customer because they're more likely to find the right person. Don't forget, many Pros like me are customers, too. I don't think anyone could really argue that the benefits don't outweigh the risks when adjustments are made, such as the customer only receiving fianncial quotes (no custom message until the customer responds) and only receiving 3 quotes instead of 5 (from the jobs section).

Surely there's a compromise here because Pros like me are begging to send Thumbtack more money for more opportunities. 

Re: Customers are NOT notified of quotes sent in Jobs section

Also, @Meckell, I'd like to get your insight on why Petrina (see my last screenshot) would rank higher than anyone else when she has 8 reviews. It doesn't make sense why she would be ranked so high, even with her fast response rate (others also have a high response rate, more reviews, etc.). Thank you.

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Re: Customers are NOT notified of quotes sent in Jobs section

@WerkFitnessSD   With this, I am not sure that there is any motivation at all to respond to a job in the jobs tab anymore. If the likliness that a potential client will actually see I want to talk to them and respond back to me is so low, and since time is money - there seems to be no reason to work these leads at all. What am I missing here? Why even show them to the pros??


Re: Customers are NOT notified of quotes sent in Jobs section

Exactly! To make the jobs section even less desirable for Pros, sending the quotes does not have an impact on rank. In other words, it’s likely to be an exercise in futility. For such a simple fix overall, it would be helpful for ALL Pros for these messages to be shown to the customer—at least then they can see who is actively trying to court their business.
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Re: Customers are NOT notified of quotes sent in Jobs section

Why not have someone in your product team put together a visual timeline and demo screenshots of what happens when different actions are taken on the Consumer App (maybe even the Pro App). After all, Thumbtack is acting and speaking on behalf of Pro's there should be clarity as to the exact communication between TT and Job Posters.

It is paramount that Pros have a clear and forthright knowledge of the communication TT makes on their behalf.

I am personally very unhappy with the way TT declines jobs on my behalf and the fact that they do not let me know when Job Posters continue to reach out to me after a decline, thereby making my business look unprofessional! Its a basic design flaw.