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Distance customer chooses

I get "chosen" by people on a regular basis who then tell me, "oh, that is too far." Or they wonder why I was shown to them when I am farther than they are willing to go.

The people put in willing to go 25 miles. But, they are not willing to go 25 miles. 

It seems the options are 5 miles and 25 miles. Is it possible to put a distance or two in between that such as 10 miles? Or even better would be to show people on a map what 25 miles and 5 miles look like so they can make better choices.

It frustrates me to be the only the customer chose, take my time to respond to the lead, and spend money on what turns out to be a worthless lead.

Some people have expressed wonderment at why they would have been shown my profile so it is not good for Thumbtack's business either.

P.S. I think I chose the wrong board to put this in but can't figure out what would be the right place.

Laura McDermott

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Distance customer chooses

@LauraM thanks for the great feedback. I can definitely see where your frustrations are coming from and can assure you that I will pass your thoughts to our Product Team. If a customer responds to you saying "oh, that's too far" please let us know! We're happy to look into it and see what we can do for you Smiley Happy 

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Moderator Kameron

Re: Distance customer chooses

@LauraM we've recently come out with this new update HERE. Along with pros being able to choose how far they will travel, this update will allow pros to choose how far they'd like to show up in the search for clients that are willing to come to them. 

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Re: Distance customer chooses

Great! Thank you.
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