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Frustration upon Frustration upon Frustration

I have been with Thumbtack for three years, and I've been hired about 300 times.  I have loved this platform and community. I have loved the work I've attained, and I've been happy to pay for the leads that have provided the work.

However.  Until now.

Thumbtack has changed in some dramatic ways of late, and I am frustrated as are many other pros, I'm sure.  I am not getting the leads I used to get, and I am paying more for leads that come my way.  Those leads, if I choose to pursue them, probably never see my quote to them because I refuse to use the PROMOTE feature.  And I don't know if they ever even see my quote.  If they do, I can respond to them one way. If they don't, I can respond another way. I'm just blind to the entire process, and so much of the decision making is out of my hands.  Thumbtack makes my decisions for me, but Thumbtack doesn't know me, my industry, my clients, or my particular geographic area.

Paying into Thumbtack allows me the ability to send a message to someone who may or may not ever see that I've sent something.

If I choose to use the promote feature, I'm going to get seen more by potential clients, but I'm also going to PAY out the nose for the privilege of being seen.  All I get for the featured placement is that the potential client can see my message.  I get no phone number or any other means to contact this potential client. I am paying to send a message.  That's it.  I pay, but I don't *really* know how much I'm paying or how much I've *saving*.  Yes, there's a 20% discount by using the promote feature, but a discount of what?  How much is that discount?  Where could I find those numbers?  At this stage of the game, Thumbtack does not have the ethos to say they are providing a discount -- or whatever service/benefit-- without tangible PROOF.

Thumbtack seems to have moved into some weird social experiment.  It's almost as if you all sit around a table and laugh to each other, "How many more changed will the pros take before they abandon the ship?"  "How much more can we charge them before they complain?"  "Let's try a different model next week and a new one the week after that! Let's keep the pros on their toes!"  "Let's keep the pros in the dark about our practices and policies. What are they going to do?"

I am exhausted running through these machinations with a company that cares little about my business.

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Re: Frustration upon Frustration upon Frustration

@Billieharasharp I just want to first say congratulations on your success thus far with Thumbtack. Your profile and review numbers speak for themselves as to the great level of service you provide. It's always hard to hear when any pro has troubles with new updates that have been implemented. We want to do what we can in order to help you see that success continue on the new system. 

I wanted to mention that when you quote through the Jobs tab that those customers do get a notification about you and any other pros that are interested in their project. After that it will be up to the customer as to wether they choose to view and respond to your quote. Keep in mind though that these jobs are sent to the Jobs tab when that customer has already reached out to another pro directly through their search results. This is why promoting and showing up in those results is the best way to get those direct leads. 

You mentioned that a big deterrent for you when it comes to promoting is that you're not sure what you're being charged until after it happens. This is a big reason why we have the weekly budget for you to set so that you can control how much you spend on leads each week. On that same budget page, you can look under the QA section to see a given range of lead cost to expect for that service. Aside from not knowing the price ahead of time were there other parts of promoting that weren't working for you? If so what were they and would you be willing to share any ideas you have to make them better?

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Re: Frustration upon Frustration upon Frustration

Kameron, we all understand how promoteworks.  We understand that if we sign up for promote, our profile shows up at the front end, where the job poster is initially making their request for bids.  We understand that the job poster must select at least one of those profiles in order to move to the next step in placing their job on th eTT platform.  We also understand that if we are not on the "promote" system, we miss out on being the easy to get to fruit for the job poster. In essence, we are treated more like step children, and charged more for it.  One of the biggest things that myself, Billie, and so many other pro's have found frustrating is the lack of quality leads.. "What do you mean lack of quality" you might say.  I'm talking about paying for a lead where the client disappears after I've been charged.  From the perspective of the pro, the one who's spending the dollars, the risk of loss is far greater than the promise of gain through your new system.  "You can set your weekly budget" you say... Ok, so If I decide to use the promote system, I get to set a limit on how many leads come my way.  We understand that.  What we are saying is that although you allow us to set our budget, you still dont allow us to prescreen our leads.  I remember hearing one of Marco's videos last year.  One of his biggest concerns was that there was a large number of TT leads that were going unanswered.  I hope, for your sake, that has changed.  However, there seems to be zero concern on the part of TT for the bids that the pro's pay for that go unanswered.  Just to keep it relevant, we know that you care the profitability of TT.  We're just wondering why is seems there's no concern for the pro's profitablility.  For me, I have found that your system is priced higher than the value.

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Re: Frustration upon Frustration upon Frustration

billie, I get your frustration.   I only activate Promote sporadically when I am not getting leads from other sources.   I've gotten hired 13 times on Thumbtack first quarter of 2019, which is way down from the 24 for the first quarter of 2018.  I can't imagine this is any better for the customers, as they get flooded with pros who aren't appropriate for the job, either.  

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Re: Frustration upon Frustration upon Frustration

@Billieharasharp Excellent post that is spot on!!!

I agree with you on the exhaustion. So many posts and so little real results to show for it. 

I am spending my time working directly with other lead sources on fine tuning their models. If TT wants to come back to be a viable source of leads for the posters here, they are more than welcome - but it is now their move to make. 

I have tried to somehow make the changes work for me, but just can't seem to break the code.. leads don't respond, if they even come in. It is a 100% turnaround from a year ago.

Waiting patiently...

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Re: Frustration upon Frustration upon Frustration

Well said @Billieharasharp , @GeorgeH and @MR 


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