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How about a "Preferred Client Status"?

I would like to suggest that Thumbtack offer a "Preferred Client Status" for clients who will give their phone number, and offer a little more detailed information about their request.  You would probably need input from Pros on what specifically would be helpful in their field. 

For example, as a piano teacher, I would like to know if, when they say they have a keyboard, do they mean a little 49-key thing or a full 88-key digital piano.  I won't teach on a small keyboard, but I do teach students with digital pianos.  Also the age of a student.  The form says "Younger than 6".  Is that "going to be 6 in a month", or "just turned 3".   It makes a difference.  Some questions are probably not necessary.  "Can the student read music?" is not really helpful.  What does that even mean to the client?  They can sing along with everybody else in church, or they can sit at the piano and sight read a piece of music?  It's not a helpful question.

This sort of arrangement might require more work from Thumbtack.  I'm not convinced at this point that Thumbtack is that interested in helping the professionals.  I would like to believe that they are, but....I'm not sure.

It seems that serious clients would be willing to do this.  Tire kickers, not so much.  

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Moderator Meckell

Re: How about a "Preferred Client Status"?

@traynorpiano we aren't Thumbtack without you pros, so we definitely want to do all that we can to help you guys. Feedback like this is super helpful, thanks for going into such great detail! This has been passed on to our Product Team. 

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Re: How about a "Preferred Client Status"?

Great!  Please ask your pros what specific information they would want from a "Preferred Client"! 

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