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How can I change the price of a quote?

In the past, I know that I had received advice from a moderator that I would be able to change the price on a quote when I learn more details about the job. That was right when Promote was rolled out (if I recall correctly.)  Now that I have seen how TT works when the software is trying to play matchemaker on behalf of a job poster who is not getting any responses, I got a nudge that a JP wanted to know when I was avalable. (I am not really convinced that the Job Poster wanted to know anything about me. There is simply no way to verify this.)

The price was establish based entirely on the base pricing that I have entered for my service of Home Inspections. Those base prices are calculated on one facet of the job and that is square footage of the house. No other variables are at play. Now when a match is made and sent to me it has the price set by TT looking at my service, and pulling the price from a table of prices that I wrote. Now the customer thinks that is a firm quote.

But wait! It says base prices. How does TT establish any expectation and set the stage for negotiating, or adding options? If they read my profile I mention that some things cost more. Did they read my profile? (As mentioned above, i do not believe that this JP even knows who I am.) Does TT even say anything to the Job Poster about options or extra costs?

Or.... is there a bonafide way to edit the price? Is there an example of how to learn about the possible options and extras to do the calculation of the revised price?

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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Moderator Kameron

Re: How can I change the price of a quote?

@HansenJC you're correct in that the prices you've listed in your targeting preferences will be shown to customers in the search results. I know we've discussed how you're pricing isn't based specifically around the current option of square feet and that you've done your best to reflect your actual pricing accordingly. However, if you still worry about the prices you've chosen being misleading to customers you can choose to hide prices at the bottom of the page HERE. Of course without prices being shown it may lower your rank, but you will still be promoting and be receiving that bigger rank boost overall. Now once a customer has chosen to reach out to you through the search results and you begin to discuss their project there's not necessarily a way to change the price that they saw in those results after the fact. If some new information comes to light that will change the price they were shown, then you'll simply need to let them know and discuss that through the messenger or any other form of contact you've established. 

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Re: How can I change the price of a quote?

Are there any plans to rectify this issue in the near future? My company is C Sparkz Mobile Entertainment, a mobile DJ service and here are a few facts about how not having the ability to change the quote amount has negatively affected my business.


1. I have had to turn down jobs that would have been $100-200 more than the unchangeable quote.

2. I have lost customers who believed the quoted price was the price they would be charged.

3. I have paid full price for leads that I am misrepresented to.

4. I make less profit because I pay for more (unrecoverable leads) leads that end up not booking or booking elsewhere because I couldn't get them accurate upfront pricing.

5. Even if the customer explains exactly what they want in the (Additional details) section provided by thumbtack, I am still forced to send an incorrect quote because I am unable to make the very nessecary change needed to win the job.

This particular oversight DECREASES your chances of getting business. I can only imagine the number of customers and the amount of money I have lost and that's all in addition to how much money I have spent on those leads. Simply factoring in job location alone can change the price of the quote drastically in my industry. 


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Re: How can I change the price of a quote?

Agreed @xdwalley

Thumbtack's 'quoting' algorithim routinely generates quotes that are woefully inaccurate and cause no end of problems for Pros and Customers alike. 

Thumbtack have been aware of this and the other issues you highlighted for a long long time. 


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Re: How can I change the price of a quote?

@HansenJC I have experienced this issue numerous times and have made mention of it in previous threads. My solution is to either not show prices or if they are shown and your quote is different, send a tag message that says Thumbtack is glitchy and sent the wrong info. Both methods have worked well for me. My placement in the rankings has been totally unaffected. It is what it is.

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