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How u doin?

As Joey Tribiani would say, 'How u doin?'

The comments I've seen from Thumbtack regarding their new system (i.e. Promote) suggest that it has been a success. My understanding of 'success' would be that Thumbtack is getting more visitors than before, more of those visitors are finding and hiring Pros, the Pros are getting more leads, Pros are getting more of the leads they want, and Pros are getting hired more often. I'm not sure how Thumbtack would define 'success' but if it's anything like what I just described then it sounds bloody brilliant. 

I wish I was one of the countless other Pros who have attained new levels of success with Thumbtack's new system. Unfortunately I'm not. My experience with the new system has been disappointing and the prospect of that changing seems very slim to me. I'm curious to know how my fellow Pros on this board are doing. Are you being more successful? Maybe a bit more successful? About the same? Not doing great? Really struggling?

With that question in mind I thought it would be a nice idea to collate the experiences of as many Pros on this board as possible with a simple poll.

Nothing complicated, I want to keep it simple, just four stats..

  • LEADS: The number of leads you're receiving on average per month compared to the number of leads you used to get. 
  • HIRES: The number of times you're getting hired on average per month compared to the number of hires you used to get.
  • EXPENSE: The amount of money you're spending on average per month compared to what you used to spend.
  • REVENUE: The amount of revenue you're bringing in from your hires on average per month compared to what you used to bring in.

Each stat has five point scale...

  1. The stat is WAY DOWN compared to before.
  2. The stat is DOWN compared to before.
  3. The stat is the about the SAME compared to before.
  4. The stat is UP compared to before.
  5. The stat is WAY UP compared to before.

These stats are purely subjective of course. I'm only trying to get a broad sense of how the Pros in this community are doing with Thumbtack's new system. 

So keep it short and simple, list your four stats and feel free to add a brief comment at the end if you like.

I'll start...


I've seen a massive decline in leads and so I'm spending way less on Thumbtack than I used to. I'm managing to close a higher percentage of the few leads that do come through so my revenue has stayed about the same. I'm a TopPro, I appear very high up in searches for my category in the areas I serve and my profile is complete and informative. Despite all that I'm hardly getting any leads with Thumbtack's new system, maybe only 2 or 3 a month now on average. My prospects for success on Thumbtack seem quite grim and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it.  

So, how u doin?


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Re: How u doin?

For me:

Leads: About the same volume, maybe slightly less

Hires: Way down, which is a direct output of the fact that now virtually zero of the leads actually respond back when I send them a message or followup.

Cost: Higher

Revenue: Now near zero from TT leads, Was greater than 50% of my firms revenue in old system.

I will add that these stats are with Promote ON as well, so in theory I am supposed to be getting better visibility, but not sure what is going on with the ghost lead issue.

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Re: How u doin?

"Ditto" Very Disappointing and on top of that, I don't know IF everybody did, but I just got yet another Cost Increase s I'm almost happy to get "Ghosted".

Almost (LoL) Hey Thumbtack pay Attention _ This ISN'T Working !!! 

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Re: How u doin?

I've been with the Tack for four years.

My leads are now down to a trickle.  This partially due to my own paring down and refocusing my business model on that which I do best and is most profitable, but it is also in large part due to the new system.  When I view my competition, I can clearly see why I am not the first contact that a customer would reach out to.  I am priced 30-50% higher than many of them because having been in business longer, I know the CODB.  Additionally, what's the harm in bidding cheap, grabbing a client's first contact, and then letting them down when you tell them the price is going to be higher?  Best case, they say okay.  Worst case, they walk away, but when they do that, they walk away from TT and all of the service providers.

Hires...  Way down.  Used to get 10% of my bids as customers.  Have not been hired a single time under the new system.  Lost my Top Pro status as a result of too few hires, so we see how that spiral works, right?  I used to be able to craft my first contact letters to stand out and really aim at perceived customer needs.  Now it's all raw numbers and algorhythms.  I used to follow up at 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, one month, but now I don't even know if potential customers have read my quotes to make a follow up worth it.

Expense...  Way down.  The light at the end of the tunnel for me, but not for TT.  I used to drop a couple hundred a month and never thought twice about it because of all the customers I pulled.  Sure, my monthly cost is now 75% less, but my business is 100% less so far.

Revenue...  This should be obvious...  WAY DOWN.


Re: How u doin?

Leads: Non-existent  

Hires: Zero (previously 250-300 Hires over past 5 years)

Cost: Would be Much Higher - but I refuse to pay for out-of-area leads, "partial matches" and leads that TT has already been paid multiple times for by other Pros

Revenue: Zero 


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Re: How u doin?

Maybe we're just unlucky. Maybe we're all doing something wrong.

I mean Thumbtack tell us that lots of Pros are doing great with the new system and its been a success. I'm not sure how many 'lots of Pros' actually is but it must be like ... a lot ... definitely more than quite a few. Whatever the number is it must be big ... or biggish. Actually biggish sounds smaller than big, so it's probably a big number.

I can't figure out why most of the Pros in this community are struggling with the same issues. It can't be anything that Thumbtack are doing otherwise lots of Pros wouldn't be doing great with the system, so whatever our problem is it can't be anything to do with Thumbtack. 

It's a conundrum, a real head scratcher.


Re: How u doin?

I've basically stop using TT over this. I was doing great with the old system and did not get 1 response with promote on much less any hires and near went broke. I stay around the community and am not removing my profile with the slim hope of TT going back to the old way when we were really successful and not make believe successful. Also to see how other pros are doing with this system.

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Re: How u doin?

You have a great profile and it's really sad that trying to reason with TT is not working. Most pros share the same complaint. Since the new Pay To Promote has not been proven to work yet. It may be a good idea to hang and see if it rebounds somehow in favor of the pro. It defies logic to lose good people. It appears that at present it would make more sense to walk into a casino thinking your smarter than the little white ball on a roulette wheel. Chin up !
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Re: How u doin?


Maybe, just maybe, we're unlucky. Who knows?

We hear of statistics that a great number of Pros are doing very well with the new system, and statistics of how the countless customers wanted this new system..But we never see those statistics for some unknown reason. After all, if it's working for many Pros, share the statistics with us, show us what we are doing wrong. Passing our feedback on isn't pacifying to us anymore.

For statistics, If the numbers are correct, my profile has been viewed 157 times this week thus far, and not one lead!! Why is that when I'm listed as number one DJ locally?? Still doing my research, but the numbers aren't looking good for a successful 2019 on Thumbtack. Hey, I did everything correctly according to a rep who helped me, and she is as dumbounded as me as to why the numbers prove her wrong.

I'm also trying to figure out why most Pros in this community are struggling. Many say the same things over and over, and I know of a handful who gave up speaking how they feel, some have left Thumbtack altogether.

Yes, it's not the moderators who  changes(so called improvements) but surely someone higher ups can post a thread or provide an email/phone number, where ALL Pros are heard, and not just a tiny percentage in the latest Q&A, AND hear us/answer us, not avoiding us. But I can dream. Latest March so-called improvements/changes(called Product Roundup now), is another case where most of them are not going to help me, don't know if it will help other Pros.

So, I'm left scratching my head as well, wondering what the numbers are of those Pro who like the new system, are they biggish, big, small?

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Re: How u doin?


Good post. As far as Views are concerened, It is somewhat of a misleading number and not very valuable. From what I can tell it is the number of times your profile showed up in a search for a pro like you, regardless of whether the customer actually clicked on your profile to learn more about you specifically. I also believe these views are generated from both on platform searches, but likely more often from searches that originated on a search engine where thumbtack comes up in a search.

So, views may give an indication of how active that category is as far as people looking for pros who do that sort of work, but little insight to how interested people are in your profile specifically.

Yes, TT is hesitant to produce statistics. Most e-commerce companies do keep their stats close to the vest... and there is a reason for that - you can draw your own conclusions. I worked in e-commerce for one of the world's largest airlines for a long time, I have very good understanding how that line of business works.