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Info in leads

I've gotten two leads in the last week with, as usual, no helpful information in the details. These were accompanied by text messages that said, "Why are you right for this job?" In the first place, I have almost no idea about the job, so I don't know and certainly haven't said, I was right for the job. In the second place, the text comes off as very challenging. As both texts were identical, I have to assume they were sent by Thumbtack. Why would you do that? You send almost no information and then challenge me to prove why I am right for the job?
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Re: Info in leads

@traynorpiano are there particular questions that you'd like us to ask the customer in addition to the ones we currently ask? If so I'd be happy to take those and share them with our teams to review. 

Also, I can certainly see where your coming from about the text message possibly coming off as a bit challenging and that we could soften up the delivery there a bit. I'll make sure to report your thoughts and feelings around the notification.

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