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Instant Match needs a lot of tweaking.

I am a Top Pro videographer in Denver, Colorado.
Like many other Pros, I am struggling with Instant Match.

A few things I see about the way the potential customer enters their information need to be different.

A question asked is "When would you like to meet with the Pro"?. Well, many people who look for services on line don't even want to talk with you, much less take the time to meet with you. They want to arrange everything via messages." When would you like to meet..." makes a meeting seem mandatory and is going to make some people abandon the process and go to a different way to hire someone.

A glariing omission in the questions asked is WHEN is the event taking place? The way it was explained to me by tech support is that the Instant Match system takes into account what you have entered in your calander. Without this info from the customer, how am I to avoid paying for matches for events that I am not even available for?


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Re: Instant Match needs a lot of tweaking.

Hey @gkvideoguy, thanks for letting us know about what needs work on Instant Match. You have some good points. It’s a new program and we know it has a long way to go before it’s ideal for every business. We passed this along to our team who develops updates for Instant Match. As far as avoiding matches on dates you’re not available, there’s a calendar feature where you can tell us your availability. If you mark out a date or time, we won’t connect you with any jobs that overlap with that.

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Re: Instant Match needs a lot of tweaking.

Thanks for your response, Megan.

How will you be able to avoid connecting me with jobs that overlap with my calander when we don't know when the job is (because Thumbtack didn't ask them)?

That was one of my points.