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Re: Instant Match woes

On the issue of Instant Match telling clients my hourly is really a total price.

Out of respect for @Meckell I won't copy our whole exchange, but I think this much is appropriate (below, my words only):

The Instant Match interface shows me:

"Enter your base price"

...  I suppose "base price" could mean an hourly among other things.

And yet the prospective client is shown the amount as a total price (excluding labor), not a base price!

This could even be fixed just by changing the wording that the client sees to exclude the word "total," to read "base price" or something similar, or perhaps to read "confirm rates with professional" or similar.

Also please note there is no way I can adjust the price to indicate that I charge by the hour.

Or is Instant Match only good for flat fee services?  If that's the case, shouldn't Thumbtack have told me that when I put the question to you three weeks ago?

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Instant Match

I'm a handyman in CT and I've tried to set up Instant Match, but it only lets me put in a rate that charges by the hour. That would be great, except that I don't charge by the hour. Most of my jobs are quoted as "needing more info". Is there a way that this can be done?

Also, it sends an automated message to prospective clients. Is there a way to personalize this message?

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Instant Match

Hi, @JJLouis thanks for reaching out. For the Handyman category on Instant Match, there isn't the option for "needs more info." I submitted this feedback to our Product Team as it would be beneficial for you and your business. 

When a quote is sent on Instant Match, the customer receives your pricing, what's included and your profile. A good way to send them a personalized message is by following up with them and sending it then. If you have any other questions about Instant Match, feel free to check out our Pro Center: You can always reach out to me too, I'm happy to help. 

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Does anyone know where to go to turn off instamatch. I absolutely hate it.
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Moderator Meckell

Re: Quotes

Hi, @Robion all you need to do is go to your services, click on your service that Instant Match is on, and select "pause." If you have multiple services on Instant Match, you'll need to make sure you pause each one individually. Let me know if you have any questions!


We want Instant Match to work for everyone and would love to hear your feedback on why it's not working for you. Submit your feedback here and we'll send it to our Product Team.  

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Re: Instant Match

Our Instant Match problems are opposite.

We both provide services. 

You don't charge by the hour, but Thumbtack restricts you to quoting an hourly rate.

I do charge by the hour, but I'm only able to enter a price which Thumbtack shows to clients as total price.

It seems pretty clear that Thumbtack can fix this, for both of us.


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Instant Match and Quote Templates

How do you use Instant Match if it doesn't allow you to set a price - or worse - use your Quote Templates? For example, try it out on Property Management.

It will send out blank quotes or generic,automated "we have availability but need more information" notes to the propsect. If someone responds with a "tell me more" generic auto-response, the pro has to pay for the contact. Not a good practice unless you don't mind "spray and pray" lead generation...



I only cleaning service and cleaning houses is very tricky when it comes to trying to explain to people in depth but you provide and what type of cleaning they are asking for I have six different types of cleaning that I provide where offer and each type is different that's why I want to be able to send a personal message along with my quote because the prices are so different and by sending this instant match they look at it and they say wow that's too much but they don't understand what all comes with that package I really really need to be able to send a personal message along with my price so that they understand what all they're getting with the quote
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How to follow up after an Instant Match quote

How is it possible to do a follow up after an Instant Match Quote has been sent by TT and still make that message feel more personal than what was sent by the BidBot?  My effort is to stand out from the crowd. I can be personal but the BidBot is a hard act to follow. I want to sound sincere. I want to hear from the customer. To follow the rules, I am not supposed to send a message saying call me by phone. But, the TT rules and the BidBot sure seem like they are decidely off-puting to the customers. What are the stats regarding the customers contacting any Pro?    

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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Instant Match doesn't works

As I went through Pros' posted and comments I see the similarly that Instant Match is charge higher than before. Thumbtacks send a request out up to more than more ten Pros. Lots of Pros ain't happy and left Thumbtacks. @Marco, I wanted you to think for a second if all the experienced Pros that gives good service to customers and stick with you from day one is leaving and all you have is "New Pros, beginners" give bad service to clients. If clients keep having bad service and giving bad reviews to the new Pros and do you think clients still contact Thumbtacks for service or will be less?
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