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Moderator Meckell

Re: Is managing your services working for you?

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If you have any feedback regarding your services, our Product Team wants to hear it! We greatly appreciate all the suggestions you've given us so far and this is another great opportunity to be sure your voice is heard.  

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Re: Is managing your services working for you?


Do we repeat what we have suggested months ago?

DJ Stevie 5-15-2019

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Re: Is managing your services working for you?

@Meckell @DJStevie That is a good question...."Do we repeat what we have suggested months ago?"

I already have repeated myself on this topic beginning more than two years ago. It is painful to see my words forgotten, ignored, and responded to with a copy/paste response from TT.

And the "Find More Jobs" is not finding me ANY jobs as a Home Inspector.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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Re: Is managing your services working for you?

really, this request is a little off the mark.  We have all been very diligent to provide feedback.  The Product Team has been very slow to respond when they do.. most of the time... we never see anything for our feedback, just thank you's.  Now the Product Team is asking for input.... Am I the only one who is wondering if this product team exists? 

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Re: Is managing your services working for you?


You're not the only who wonders if a Product Team exists. We have given our suggestions for months now, some 6+ months ago, and never get a status update. We get told that there is no reference number given here in the Community, so we can't follow up on our suggestions.

Now we get asked again for suggestions for the Product Team? They should have had those suggestions for months. What happened to our original suggestions? Can Thumbtack provide any proof for us that they were in fact passed on, and what status is please?

DJ Stevie 5-15-2019

Moderator Kameron

Re: Is managing your services working for you?

@DJStevie while case numbers are not created or logged when a pro shares their feedback with us in the Community, there have been multiple occasions where you've reached out to both @Meckell and I about specific pieces of feedback you've shared. In those cases, we've been more than obliged to look into and let you know where Thumbtack currently stands on that subject or piece of feedback. 

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Re: Is managing your services working for you?


No disrespect, but telling and showing are two different things. At this point, Many Pros, including myself need some sort of proof of where our suggestions stand with "Product Team".  I do appreciate both you and @Meckell taking time to reply via Private Message to me about status of my original suggestion 6 months ago. But My previous comment was supposed to be geared to all Pros' suggestions and where they stand now.

So now I ask, Does @Meckell want us to repeat our original suggestions, and/or add new ones? And how do we know that those suggestions will get looked at by Product Team, which is why we need to see some kind of proof(whether it be hearing from a Product Team member here in the Community, an email from Product Team members to those who gave suggestions,) It would prove that we are being heard, even if the replies are a yes, no, or still looking into it

DJ Stevie 5-15-2019

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Re: Is managing your services working for you?

Good question! I’ve managed my services from my end - done my part. However, my concern is

“is Thumbtack managing its services to help us?”.

Today I got a promoted lead that the customer contact 28 pros. Twenty Eight Pros.

This is not managing the amount of pros a customer can contact that is fair and balanced for success. That’s Thumbtack’s “manage” choice - not mine.

Being charged for promoted leads that are below my price range is not something I can control or “manage” - only Thumbtack can control that - which would help me manage my services better if I am not promoted to a person who can’t afford my range.

I do all I can to be successful under the options that TT provides. I feel that Thumbtack should do more in their end to “manage” their services towards us pros.

Allowing a customer to contact 28 promoted pros does not show a unified union between pros and TT. Each pro a customer reaches out to decreases the odds for the other pros. It’s a mathematical certainty. And to charge $18-$22-$30 for a promoted lead along with 5 - 14 - or 28 other pros is something Thumbtack needs to manage better so us Pros can be more successful.

So - is Thumbtack managing THEIR services so that it’s working for us?

I look forward to changes coming soon.

Again - 28 pros were contacted on a Promote lead???? Look at my account from last night - E. Ming. Can anyone explain that?

Re: Is managing your services working for you?


28 pros... unfathomable how that would be ANY kind of service to the customer - to inundate them with conversation from 28 pros. 

Obviously the incentive is for Thumbtack to generate as much revenue as possible. But this grossly undervalues the pros here, and does nothing to genuinely assist the customer.

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Re: Is managing your services working for you?

No customer should see 28 pros in any category. Five pros should be the maximum.