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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
topic id 33199: IDEA- Integrity & Balance by Customers & Pros
topic id 32384: Private Chef/Catering Pricing
topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Make pro pricing and rates more upfront for customers
topic id 24883: Filtering out customers with certain budgets based on pro preferences
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Re: Is managing your services working for you?

@Meckell @CordeliaH 


Thanks for asking.

I will briefly restate some that are solely service-based, since that's what you're asking for.


1 - please give numerous pricing options, other than an hourly rate for the Music Entertainment category, similar to what the DJ category has (or used to have)


2 - please expand our radius beyond 150 miles. Many pros are seeing leads from out of state and great distances - why not give US the option of going after leads from these areas directly? Seems like a great revenue generator for Thumbtack - so please give us the option to expand our radius. 


3 - VERY SPECIFIC to Music Entertainment category, and services within profile, but - please please PLEASE add in an option for "classical music" under types of music you perform, as well as "violin/cello" instead of "other strings"

I can tell you that one of the absolutely most frequently requested services in the Music Entertainment category is CLASSICAL VIOLIN for a wedding ceremony. Unfortunately there is now no clear, easy, direct way for a customer to just click on those options! Instead they have to surmise that the best options to click on are "other type of music" and "other strings". 


Very confusing for one of your most frequent customer types!!


Thank you


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Re: Is managing your services working for you?

@Meckell The answer is no, not for my profession, pet sitter/dog walker. It used to, until certain questions were taken away for the customer to answer. Now my requests are so vague that I can't possibly answer. Of course, I have mentioned this numerous times.

Oh, and not to mention the 150 mile radius!!!!! HaHaHa ---  Not for me! My radius is 5 miles! Why waste my time and money, and a requestors time with something so ludacris? Again, this is for my profession, only. It needs to be customized for each, not a blanket area for everyone.

I have mentioned MANY TIMES, IN MANY DIFFERENT FORUMS, that thumbtack needs to enlist the help of a Pro in each specific category, who actually has working knowledge of such profession, to help with the descriptions, pricing, questions to ask, etc. 

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Re: Is managing your services working for you?


Managing our services separate from TT is working very well for us as it has for over 22 years. At this point we see no reason to try anymore with TT.  Everything TT has done in the past two years has been counter productive to our success and when we speak up we get feel good answers and suggestions of how to improve our business but effectively a deaf ear to our problems with the model. Let me just state it as clearly as I can . TT has lost it's value as a lead generation option for our business. 

We are hopeful one day TT will find it's way back to be a valuable service. But until that happens we have to make money and run our business which we do everyday. With or without TT.

Tell Marco to put the TT model back to offering value so we can all get back to doing good business. But chasing these vague leads with enormous costs and ever changing business methods monthly that only prove to become orders on occasion is futile at best and no longer any fun nor profitable. 

Time for TT to do better.

Bonnie & Bill, Seasoned Business Executives and former Thumbtack Top Pro



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Re: Is managing your services working for you?

I find with Thumbtack managing my services that I am wasting a lot of money on leads I would never bid on.  There are not enough questions being asked and there should be more job preferences for pros to choose.  For example, I received a lead that was automatically charged to me for a customer looking to film a dance recital for under $700.  First off, this should be in the event category and not the video production category but I understand where a customer might not know that. I don't film dance recitals and I certainly wouldn't have done it for that low of a price. There needs to be a job preference where pros can select the budget range in which we will work. For me, I wouldn't accept any jobs under $800. When thumbtack asked customers for their budget, my business thrived. I received the leads I wanted and was able to qute based on their budget. Also, there need to be more job types. Music videos, dance recitals, home videos, these are only a few examples of projects that I can potentially be automatically charged for which I don't provide services for.

Please bring back the budget question or in the very least, bring it back to the job preferences for us pros. I understand that thumbtack did away with it before because customers didn't know how much these services cost, but why would it do away within a pros job preference? I don't understand why me saying "I don't want any leads where the customers budget is under "$$$" amount" has any negative effect. I don't have the time to go back and forth with a customer who lists a budget of $400 and try to explain their project will cost triple that.  

Thumbtack isn't working for me anymore and it's a shame because I've been with them for 10 years. 

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Re: Is managing your services working for you?

The best and most simple thing Thumbtack should do in order to help us pros is to enlist the help of pros in all categoris to help in the proper questions to ask customers and the job preferences to ask pros who are signed up for automatic leads. I've worked in video production and event videography for 18 years and have been with Thumbtack for 10; i'd be happy to help because the current model isn't working and TT keeps taking away valuable questions like "budget range in which i'm willing to work."

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Re: Is managing your services working for you?

ONe other thing, a month ago, under event videography there was a job preference where we could select our job cost or budget range in which we were willing to work, that was great but they didn't offer it under video production. I mentioned it numerous times after being charged frequently for leads in which the budget was way to low for the services being asked. Every support person I spoke to recognized my request in adding that preference to my category and assured me that it would be added.  In a month TT took it away from all the categories I was under. It felt like a slap in the face. 

Exlpain to me why this was taken away from pros. Why are we not allowed to determine the price range in which we will aceept jobs? Because the customer doesn't know how much the services cost? Well the customers aren't being charged for leads are they, we are. 

I needed a sump pump installed a week ago and I had no idea of cost. Like a normal person, i went on google, typed in "average cost to have sump pump installed" and got a range of cost within seconds of research.  Customers can do the same, or...thumbtack can enlist the help of pros to get average costs and TT can have an information page where customers who normally wouldn't know the cost can find info.

I see tons of concerns from pros month after month and honestly I haven't seen anything done with the pros in mind. You say you want our feedback but nothing changes, it's only gotten harder and more costly.

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Re: Is managing your services working for you?

Well, from the looks of it, most pros do not like the Promote system, and I have to add my name to the list. My comments about the "Check Availability" button and the inconsistent and inaccurate review percentage calculations are small potatoes compared to my peers complaints. If I had to encapsulate all of the complaints into one, it would be that we do not have a say in the business. Most of us are small business entrepreneurs trying to make a when the business is taken out of our hands it pisses us off. Most objectionable is when we try to improve the system no one listens, or at the least does not follow up! Thumbtack needs to, in my opinion, go back to making it fun to do business with Thumbtack (like it was before the Promote system).

I take a lot of pride in what I have done with Thumbtack, and I suspect that Thumbtack is starting to listen: to Pros leaving Thumbtack, Thumbtack sales decreasing, Pros grumbling, and stress internal and external. It's a shame, because I love Thumbtack and don't want to see it fail due to it's unwillingness to change. Denny

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Re: Is managing your services working for you?

Hey everyone, I want to insert a reminder here for pros to please re-read Cordelia’s post and questions if necessary in order keep the conversation relevant and feedback focused on managing your services. “When we talk about managing your services, we mean anything related to service details, your travel preferences, your availability, job preferences, your budget on Thumbtack, or your pricing that’s shown to customers.” Thanks as always for willing to share your valuable perspective as experienced pros.

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Re: Is managing your services working for you?

@CordeliaH @Meckell Suggestion: Return the option to send a custom quote from the Jobs Tab and return the functionality of templates.

I should not need to explain this... I just shouldn't.

We are selling a service based on the information and written description in the original Job Post. The more that our response resonates with the JP's needs, the more likely they are to choose us.  If they are only interested in price, the JP can do that easily by closing their eyes and skipping over our words.

If TT is only interested in Pros who cannot or will not write a full sentence in response to a Request,  just tell us and we will go away. I promise. I will.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
Thumbtack Employee CordeliaH
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Re: Is managing your services working for you?

Thanks to all the pros who've responded so far. I recognize that this isn't the first time some of you are sharing this feedback, so thanks for chiming in again. I'm reading every single one of your responses and sharing your feedback with the product team working on this area of Thumbtack. 

We've heard from pros like you in the Pro Community, feedback and user research sessions that managing your services can be difficult. We're taking this feedback to heart. I'm asking for your specific feedback now because we're currently designing new solutions for the services management page that will hopefully make it easier for pros to grow and manage their businesses on Thumbtack.

I'll be back with a post in the coming weeks sharing some new designs and updates—looking forward to getting your reactions!