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It's been a wild ride!

Wish you all well and great success!! Thumbtack is no longer a viable option for me. So, I am unsubscribing as of now.  If at some time in the future, Thumbtack makes decisions that favor a mutual benefit for .longstandingmpros, I may consider. In that the powers to be refuse to listen or consider my concerns, I shallmcontinue via other avenues for customers.

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Re: It's been a wild ride!

@PastorHoward Was there a specific concern or issue that you’d like to possibly discuss or try to work through with us or our support team?

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had to come to this decision, but ultimately want you to make the choices that you feel are best for you and your business. You’ve been a consistent Top Pro every year since 2016 and have an amazing number of positive reviews, and we’d hate to see those pause now. However, if you’ve already made a decision, those accolades that you’ve worked so hard to earn will be here waiting for you should you decide to return. Our teams will also be here, ready to help in any way that we can to get you back up in running.

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