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Leads volumes

I work in the Chicago area where my guess would be that there is a pretty high volume of potential leads on TT every day. That said, I have noticed that the volume of leads varies wildly from week to week. In fact, and I hope it is just a coincidence, my lead volume has dropped considerably since posting on these boards.

When I look at the insights, I am always one of the first few pros displayed so my expectations would be that more leads would select me. Not sure what is happening but things seem really inconsistent. Wondering if others have seen the same and if anyone has a possible explanation.
In the past I would booked at least a consult a day from TT leads. Now it is very low. And my competition doesn't seem to have changed much as the list of lawyers that show up in insights is pretty much the same as what showed up a year ago. Some of which I know personally and they have mentioned the same thing. So, perhaps the number of people actually using TT has diminished? Not sure but something has changed beyond just the issues brought up around pricing and instant match.
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Re: Leads volumes


I do video produciton (corporate, non-profit, no weddings).  I have 27 profiles on Thumbtack, mostly in the Midwest and Mid South.  I have seen a large decrease in the number of posts since November 2018.  I use to get hired 2-3 times per month on Thumbtack.  I've only been hired 3 times this year so far.  I've had Promote turned on for two weeks for 7 of my profiles that are in markets closest to me (I'm in St. Louis).  I've not been hired via Promote yet.

My best guess is that Thumbtack has cut their advertising significantly.

I do see a lot of Thumbtack ads on Facebook and Instagram, but I think they are retargeted to me because I went to on my phone.  Not sure how many new users Thumbtack is consistantly bringing in.  It seems to be very few in many industries and markets.

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Re: Leads volumes

Your response is spot on. In general, when I talk to people they have never heard of thumbtack so they are not a household name like Angie's list or home advisor is. So they don't seem to advertise like their competition - or at least not as effectively. They must rely on SEO to have an online presence but it does seem that this too has degraded as I don't see thumbtack in Google search results nearly as much as I used to.
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Re: Leads volumes

Thanks for starting this conversation @MR. If you look in your insights section under how you compare, you're able to see how many jobs have come in for each of your categories in the past three months. For example, there have been 85 jobs in the past three months and about 33 active pros in your area for divorce attorney. When did you start noticing a decrease in volume for your jobs in particular? 

I want to add that it's great that you're looking at your insights, they're very useful! I would recommend doing a search as a customer to see where exactly you're showing up on the list. 

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Re: Leads volumes

@Meckell Thank you for the quick response. 

The reduction in leads really came when the TT system changed. When we were able to bid on potential requests I did receive a high volume of very good leads that replied when I sent them a quote. Since the new system was implemented, the number of leads I get that acually communicate with me is far less. Also, it seems to go "feast or famine" and the volumes seem to go in spurts -  a few days of 1-3 / day, and then maybe a week with virtually nothing. 

I do regularly look at my rankings as a customer would see and am consistently in the top 3 almost all of the time so I do not think that screen placement has been an issue. 

Based on what I see, it would seem that the issue is more of the number of customers using TT now than anything else because my ranking is high - perhaps higher than it was when the old system was in place. But that probably doesnt make sense as I am sure your analytics say that TT usage is more than it was before as more and more customers discover it online. 



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Re: Leads volumes

@MR I think it has more to do with the platform changing how Pros are marketed and how we now interact with prospects. There’s been a dramatic decrease in leads for many of us that have been with TT for a few years now. I recommend reading some of the other threads on this forum for additional insight. Here’s one that we’re currently talking about the same thing...